I’m a Keeper! #Poetry #Naughty #ASMSG


My lips want to tell you a story…
Oh, morning glory!

They whisper sweet nothings across your head…
I push you down on the bed!

They slither past the most sensitive part…
My tongue presses down; this is just the start.

Down they slide…
My tongue did glide

Until my lips went around the bend…
Your head is my throat’s best friend!

Kissing, licking, and then sucking…
All leads to my lips trucking

Up and down your shaft
I can tell you’re going daft!

Faster and faster my story begins to build…
Soon my lips will make you yield!

Pounding into the back of my throat…
I gag and that was all she wrote.

I guzzle to quench a thirst I’ve never felt before…
You whisper, “There’s more…”

Your words made my lips go wild…
You have me beguiled!

My lips told you a story no words could express…
And, I love cleaning the mess!

I’m a keeper!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copy 2014

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