O When Does My Shit Come Together? #Poetry #LifeLessons #PoetrtWednesday

One of my writer friends, whom I adore like no other, gave me the title for this poem. She’s handy like that… she is the go to girl for ideas and book bios! She’s simply magnificent! PJ Perryman,  you are the sparkle in my knickers! 





O’ When Does My Shit Come Together?

by Penelope Jones



 O as a child we think when I get older…

I’ll be president, an astronaut, a doctor, or maybe a writer?


When we get older we’ll change the world,

cure cancer, and create new adventures.


Does that mean I’ve arrived and failed?


My life isn’t a bowl of cherries,

it isn’t a walk in the park,

nor can I say… I’m finished.


Shit! My dreams are not complete,

my adventures not fulfilled,

nor have I found world peace!


Come along for the ride;

I’m ready to complete my mission


Together, I think we can finish what I started

and maybe you can answer the age-old question…


O’ when does my shit come together? 



shit together 2


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

18 responses to “O When Does My Shit Come Together? #Poetry #LifeLessons #PoetrtWednesday

  1. Ah… well… life is not a destination, it’s a journey, and I think our shit comes together all time, in little bits and pieces, until one day we look back and say, “OH! Now I get it, there’s no big GOT IT moment, just lots of little ones that add up to finally, one day, being somewhat wise.”

  2. What Maggie said about life being a journey is so true. Maybe one is not meant to cure cancer or go to Mars, but each and every day we touch someone’s life in a way that makes a difference. The unsung hero carries more weight then any famous person, for those are the people we always carry close to our hearts.

  3. The moment I think I’ve gotten my shit together in one part of my life, one of two things happens – I realize I don’t have it together in another part OR (as is the case right now), I decide to change things up again so I have to figure out how to get my shit together again…maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. 🙂

  4. When you figure it out let me know, maybe I’ll have my shit together by then!! Seriously, I think we never completely get it all together & those of us who say they do are liars or in denial. I think it’s healthy to evolve continually. That’s what I’m going with anyway!! You’re a perfect you & I love ya!! 😉

  5. I was just talking about this the other day. I used to think by the time I was in my 30’s I would have it all together. Well here I am, and I think I am more of a mess than I was at 20, at least then I had the ignorant naivety to think I knew everything. Now I KNOW I know nothing and I am a mess!
    Also, my whole youth was a lie- grown ups have no idea what they are doing and they just wing it on a daily basis!

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