Not Hopeless…. Yet! #poetry #ASMSG #life


I’m not sure which way is up
There’s no money in my cup

Today, tomorrow, next week
It’s tranquility I seek

Day, after day, after day
I’m hoping it’ll be OK

I’m afraid I’ve made a mistake
For heaven’s sake
Am I a fake?

I’m doubting myself at every turn
When will I learn?

It’s just me, myself, and I
It’s why…
I cry….

Not hopeless… yet

10 responses to “Not Hopeless…. Yet! #poetry #ASMSG #life

  1. Keep the faith. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Hang in there kitty. All of these platitudes are kind and sincere, but when you’re in a funk, you’re in a funk, and it’s kind of like having the flu. Just have to ride it out. Take two aspirin, drink lots of fluids, and crawl under the sheets. One morning, very soon, you’ll pop your head out, and you’ll feel better.


  2. When despair is unfair and life gets you down,
    Close friends and family will bring you around.
    The strength is in numbers, united we stand.
    No hole is to deep when you take someones hand.
    What tares us down can also build us up.
    Before you know it there’s help with the cup!

    I like your poems Penolope

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