These are A Few of My Favorite Things… #ASMSG #FavoriteThings












  • I love a good mindfucking before the real thing. 😛


  • I think I’ll genuinely always be bad, so there has to be someone to love the bad girls, right?


  • Boots: I love licking them, humping them, and lots of things in between. 🙂


  • Spank me, and I’m yours.


  • I love when I’ve been a bad kitty, and I get put in the naughty corner. I’m telling you I could live there. -winks-


  • It’s true, there are just those people who you know are gonna tie your insides up in knots, but you just can’t help but like them. I know a few of you. -giggles-



  • One Day… I believe in it!


  • Thanks for playing along with A few of My Favorite Things. Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to share a few of your favorite things in the comment section if you’d like. 🙂



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