And I still miss you #OCT #Poetry #ASMSG #relationships

It was the way you wore your backpack, everywhere

It was the way you used to butt into my conversations just to talk to me

It was the way you sent flowers because I was having a rough week

It was the way you sent me text messages at ungodly hours because you knew I was awake

It was the way you allowed me to snuggle and touch you while you slept


It was because you used to like me


You used to care

We made a great pair


I miss that, I do

Fuck you


Why do I allow you to have such a hold on my emotions?

I wish there was some potion


To alleviate this stage

Of rage



I need to get back to gladness


I miss you I do


But I can take a hint

You’re hell-bent


On destroying anything we could have had

And now I’m sad,

And you’re glad

This is bad…

You turned out like my dad


And I still miss you

Iniquitous Solace- The Aftermath

15 responses to “And I still miss you #OCT #Poetry #ASMSG #relationships

  1. Some potion? This is poetry in motion – the words are very carefully placed and positioned for maximum effect. I particularly like the F bomb in the middle, it reminded me of the band Elbow and their refrain “We still believe in love, so F*ck You!” (don’t know why I’m censoring it, force of habit I guess). Also, they chose the name “Elbow” because they thought it was the most sensual word in the English language – another thing that you have in common with them! There’s a huge story in the ending of this too, gripping.

  2. Gah. THAT feeling.

    Big big hugs.
    and I’ll rub your back. and stroke your head. and play with your hair. and watch Bridget Jones 😛 <—did it work?!
    If only it were that simple. Time. Damn that time thing.


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