Secrets by Penelope Jones #Poetry #ASMSG #erotica




by Penelope Jones

We all have them hidden deep inside

How easily they glide…


Off the tongue

A laundry list of secrets, I sung


“You make my juices seep”

“When you text my heart skips a beat”

“And my legs go weak”


“I like to be spanked until I cry”

“And yes, my dickhead father’s likely the reason why”


“I love the way sweat feels”

“I love wearing high heels”


“I have a fetish for knee socks”

“I’m also seeking a collar that locks”


Each secret opens up a new world to explore

Each word you spoke left me begging for more


You scare the hell out of me

Yet, determination is the key


I told you, “I don’t chase men”

You invited me to your den

Laid before me were your sins


Crops, whips, and paddles too

I knew you’d know just what to do


You tell me your secrets

And I’ll tell you mine

I hope you’re not just feeding me lines


By my own admission

Of my submission


You hold the keys to drive my life

You hold the power to cut me like a knife


All I can do is pray you won’t

That you don’t


Because you’re right


I’ll continue to share my truths

No matter how depraved or dark

We embark…


On a path of lust and need

Maybe we’ll succeed


Who knows what this journey has in store

I hope it’s dirty, delicious, and more


Because for the right man or woman…

I’m a whore! 



Copyright 2013  by Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

24 responses to “Secrets by Penelope Jones #Poetry #ASMSG #erotica

  1. All those naughty little secrets we hide deep inside and what a wonderful feeling it can be when you find someone to share them with.
    Have a Fantastic Friday! (hugs)

  2. Love this, I know I have dirty little secrets, I just love that to look at me you would think butter won’t melt xxxx

    Its amazing when you can share them

  3. A great sentiment – so glad you’re here to share! There’s nothing wrong with a few secrets…and revealing them to the right people, who are just as likemindedly deviant as you!

    • Cameron… It’s because of encouraging words like yours … It keeps me writing, and I’m sure it’s the same for you!

      Big snuggles!

      P.S. I’ll tell you my dirty secrets anytime! 🙂

      Bad Penny

  4. Wow! This was a first hand experience when it comes to sensual poems and boy I am glad that I made it here. You just have earned yourself a crazy kinky slave for your lovely words. xoxoxo 🙂 ♥

  5. I loved this when you posted it earlier this year and it continues to hold so true for us all…

    I am glad to share with you in the beautiful thought “The Truth Will Set You Free” -this day again Ms. Penny… 🌟

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