You should be ashamed #Poetry #BrokenHeart #ASMSG

I could live in luxury

I could live like the poor

As long as you were there,

I never needed more


I tried to give you everything

I tried opening up my heart

Once you saw me raw and real

You were ready to depart


I told you I was a mess,

I told you my crazy had spoken

I told you I don’t come with a token…

Operation manual


Somehow I became the enemy of your universe

Everything I said was answered with a curse…

Of my existence


I want to crawl back under the rock from which I came

My heart will never be the same

You are to blame…

And you should be ashamed


Penelope Jones copyright 2013

16 responses to “You should be ashamed #Poetry #BrokenHeart #ASMSG

  1. Beautiful expression of the sentiment and indeed the thought of shame is an artful twist. Loved it and as always you share some beauty that I for one greatly appreciate. Stay Gorgeous!

  2. (((awhoooo))) don’t know how, was pretty sure I was following your exquisite mind. please forgive. have made it right.
    This poem is stunning M’lle, howling from the heart

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