Labeled The Nice Girl #Poetry #Poem #ASMSG


I woke up and thought

“I hate being the nice girl”

My niceties make me want to hurl




I exhaled

How many times do I say it’s OK?

Tell the dickheads to have a nice day?
Kill’em with kindness it’s how I was raised

Except I’m afraid I’m done with that maze
I’m tired of always being the bigger ‘man’

I’m thinking shit’s about to hit the fan
I hate feeling like I’ve been used

That my niceties are being abused

Don’t take me for granted

Damn it!

Who am I trying to fool?

I’ll continue to be the pack mule
I put on my mask…

Why you ask?
Nice girl blood runs through my veins

And I’m a true glutton for pain
Nice girl will always be my trait

I hate

20 responses to “Labeled The Nice Girl #Poetry #Poem #ASMSG

  1. Love the poem and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, that bloody nice girl blood always stop my uber bitch attitude truly taking control. one day nice will be the ultimate spice. Power to the nice girl.

  2. Gf let me tell you. It doesn’t always pay to be the nice girl. Sometimes you gotta say screw it, and get tough. It ain’t easy but you can do it. I may be sweet, but watch I sting. Giggle.

  3. Being a nice girl definatley means sometimes getting totally screwed and not in a good way. Here is to learning how to mix nice girl with the right amount of bad girl to get exactly what we need. As always your words touch me and make me smile & get squishy eyes.

  4. I love your nice girl. I also love your funny girl, sassy girl, sparkly girl, sooper strong girl and aloof girl 😉 You ROCK girl! 😛


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