Love Wins, Fuck Hatred! #Poetry #weareOrlando

It was my weekend at home… 

My castle, my dome


I went to the movies with my guy

I laid in my own bed with a sigh!


My friends across the nation celebrating Gay Pride

Seeing all the smiles, not having to hide!

Only to wake up to hatred taking 49 human being’s lives

This will not be our demise…

It can’t be!

We stand together to show our support

But the ball is in our court…


Our message of “Love Wins” needs to rise above…

Show’em what we’re made of! 


We’re pissed, we’re angry, and we have every right to be…

But love is truly the key for me!


I’m here

I’m queer

And, I’m nice.


So, Please…


Fuck the hatred that is spreading; we are so much more

Let’s strike them at their core… LOVE WINS! 




I’m here, I’m queer, I’m kinky, and I’m fucking proud!

Penelope Jones — Spanking it since 1996! 


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