Author’s I admire or Lust after… same thing!

  • Pattie Sparkles: Girl I love you! Seriously from the bottom of my heart. You have been my biggest support behind the scenes, and my best cheerleader. You have given me idea after idea, and allowed me to run with them.  My original creator of Little Miss Notoriety.  Please visit her blog, and buy her super naughty books  that have heart! Sparkly Knickers
  • Cameron Lincoln:  Girl on Girl…Smoking…Fetish after Fetish. Check out his blog, and his books! Cameron you rock Bad Penny’s world!  Cameron Lincoln’s Dirty Words
  • Genevieve Dewey: She’s my heart when it comes to friends, but she’s a damn good writer also. A must read is her book series, and her blog is a close second My cuppycake!  The Cupcake
  • Joseph McNamara:  This man has been an Angel I didn’t know I needed, or wanted.  He’s an amazing writer as well. His words touch your heart, and make your mind sing. Joseph’s Life in a D/s World 
  • CR Rowe: Most people know he’s my buddy always and forever.  But in case you didn’t know… he’s an amazing person inside and out, and writes amazing blog posts about writing.  He also writes very twisted and dark erotic. Yum!!! CR Rowe 
  • Travis Luedke: First he’s an amazing author, but he is also one of the most supportive folks out there to help other authors.  If you haven’t met him, read his work… You are truly missing out!! The Night Life Series 
  • Thianna D: She’s known for her M/M bdsm erotica, and her delicious Libraries Tales! I took part in her erotica holiday count down, and plan to have fun in the summer edition as well. Visit her here: Thianna D’s Kinky Blog
  • Sir Robert’s Stories: He publishes some very delicious Tales! Check him out!
  • (this page is a work in progress, please don’t be upset if you aren’t here yet. I only have so much time to add these between writing, and life in general!)

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