Happy Bloggerversary to you! Surprise inside! #ASMSG #Erotica

So… no rest for the wicked, my lovelies!

I’m planning for an event that I’m not only presenting at, but I’m also performing poetry, and doing a book signing! I’m going to be getting Twisted In Tulsa this weekend… if you live in the area email me @ littlemissnotoriety@gmail.com and maybe you can come by and say hi!


Now, on to… Happy Bloggerversary to me!


Penny Anniversary

September 9th, 2012 was my anniversary of my very 1st blog post, since then I’ve met so many wonderful people. You have no idea how each comment or private message affected me, but I hope you know they were the reason I kept fighting. This has been a tough year for me… what started out as complete wonderful bliss, turned to shit quite quickly, and finally I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! And it’s because of you guys that I chose to keep fighting for my dream, even after events and people went out of their way, trying to crush them over and over, again! I lovers you guys like you will never know!

And… Happy Publishing Anniversary to me!


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Ok… Ok, I’m getting there, September 15th, 2012 during Twisted in Tulsa last year, I received a message from PJ Perryman saying congrats on being published. DUDE!!! She saw my published story before me, and the company I sold it to, sent me an email two weeks later. Who cares, right? I was now officially a published author, and since then I’ve had 6 more stories/books published, and I have several more in the fires.

As my last post said… I’m approaching life differently. I see it in a different light, and when someone or something knocks me down, I’m going to find my way around it through laughter and love. Negativity breeds negativity, and I personal refuse to be a part of what society seems to deem the norm these days. I’ve never been normal, so why start now?

So… I’m giving back to you guys, the people who have supported me through my really big highs and my lowest of lows. The one’s who’ve supported me before I even had an e-book or book to sell.








She’s always been a glutton for punishment, and loved every moment of that face fucking she just took for him. The good girl in her took her medicine, and meowed and howled her own erotic tortures as her body began to convulse, and Belle’s hand pummeled four fingers deeper, faster, harder until she laid in a heap of a mess, half in the floor and half in his lap.

“Clean up…we have work to do. Chop, Chop.” A swat to her ass was given, and she just shook her head.

“You really are an ass, ya know?”

Just as she pushed from his lap though, Belle’s head thrashed back as his hand grabbed a hold. “And you love me for it.” Joe crushed his lips into hers cutting off any chance of a response. The kiss sizzled it was so hot, leaving her breathless and needing more.

“I said clean up. This time… less lip and more action, eh?” Joe’s adorable smirk of a grin appeared, and it’s Belle’s turn to laugh.

“Yes, Sir. No more lip action. Your heads are sore.” Belle’s one cheeky broad, and that’s part of the reason she was so adored in this town yet feared, oddly.


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P.S. I lovers you all long time! Please enjoy, and look for Belle Notoriety again very soon… The Advice your mother never gave you! 🙂


Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #Erotica Anthology #ASMSG

Good morning my lovelies…

I’ve neglected you so much lately, but my life has been all over the place. In case you aren’t in the know… I’m moving to Tulsa, Ok for work, and because I need a new adventure in my life.

There are many reasons that led up to my move, which is already in progress. In fact, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for two weeks. Yikes, but I’m surviving, and wanted to share some awesomesauce news with you guys!

LMN graphic

I have new book trailers for all my books! My good friend and fellow bdsm erotic romance author Maggie Carpenter made my 1st one, and I’m very grateful to her.  She’s one of my favorite authors, so make sure to check out her books!

Oh… I guess you wanna see the book trailer, right?

Amazeballs… I want to read the book, and I wrote it! but if you aren’t convinced yet…

I thought a little sneak peek at a chapter might help… 


Ch. 5


“Belle…I said have those papers on my desk when I walked in the office, so would you care to explain why I don’t have them?” Joseph’s tall muscular frame shadowed over Miss Notoriety as her heart became a war drum pounding in her ears.

Mondays were always a fist full of excitement around the law office of Mr. Switzer, and that Monday was no different

“I… Umm…I apologize, Sir.” Belle stammered over her words, his face now inches from hers, and her deep blue eyes stared into the dark abyss of chocolate-brown. “My sister called, and I lost track of time. I’ll have them on your desk in less than fifteen minutes, Sir.”

“Not good enough.” Her head thrashed back with the hard yank of her hair. “Your sister is more important than your job, Miss Notoriety? Or more important than me?” He growled across her lips, and Belle could barely catch her breath before his lips crashed into hers, and she was devoured by the wolf.

He demanded her attention be given to his mouth and tongue, and Joseph’s free hand kneaded and pinched at her already hardening nipples. Each breast treated in the same rough fashion, and the kiss ended with a rush of air filling their lungs.

“Please Joseph, I’m sorry. Nothing’s more important than you.” Belle melted to the floor finding her knees, her chin tipped down, and her cheek brushed his outer thigh. She was apologizing, or tried to, before she was not so gently coaxed off the floor, and bent over her desk in the middle of the office.


Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety 

Please go get your copy here:




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NEW Release! Come along for the Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #ASMSG #Erotica #BDSM

Good morning my lovelies… 


I figured you were sick of my tagline- “It’s here, it’s here!”  But IT’S HERE!


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Belle Notoriety might be Joe Switzer’s fuck doll, but the rest of Shagville Heights bows to her.  Watch out… she’ll get into your head, and you won’t be able to resist confessing your dirty little secrets. Come along for the Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety. and see just who becomes whose sex toy!




Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety Buy Links:

US  http://bit.ly/A-LMN

UK  http://bit.ly/LMN-UK

CA  http://bit.ly/LMN-CA


A HUGE thank you to PJ Perryman; Little Miss Notoriety started with a superb idea from her and has taken off to become what it is now! You’re the best!!!


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996! 

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Excerpt from my new release 8-1-13 Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #ASMSG #BDSM

Good morning my lovelies… 

I do hope your hump day is going well!

You ready for Miss Bell Notoriety? 

“Where do you think you’re going? Did I give you permission to leave, my little fuck doll?”  Joe’s words practically purred at her in that quiet Tenor tone of his.

Those last four words were her undoing, she moved like silk in a breeze to her knees, and crawled like an animal. Belle rested her cheek just at his inner thigh, and he laughed. Belle didn’t care; it’s all part of their little game, it gets them both jazzed, and eventually off.

“No, Sir.” Her eyes tipped towards him, and a very convincing innocent pout creased the corners of her pretty little mouth. “You were in such a foul mood this morning; I just knew you wouldn’t want to be bothered with me, Sir. I apologize.” Belle’s soft melodious tone soothed Joe; it always had, and his fingers lightly stroked through her golden tresses.

“You’re never a bother to me but often just a piece of ass.” His arrogance hung in the air like a lingering odor, and then he laughed again. “Today though, I think you know what I need.”

No words needed to be exchanged at that point. Her face pressed into his straining black trousers, and her mouth gently gnawing at the length of his hard shaft through the cloth. He smoothly unbuckled his belt, and his pants slipped down his hips. Exactly what he need, and what she wanted was about to occur. Joe’s strong fingers wrapped the base of his cock, smacking the head against Belle’s cheek making a hallowed thumping sound. Rapidly she blinked, and mewled her need, her want to taste him. Slowly her curvy frame pressed into him; her heaving breasts brushing across his thighs, as she hovered over her delectable prize. 

She’s almost here! 8-1-13…. Amazon.com is the place to be! 

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