Leather is the Life for me #ASMSG #Poetry #LeatherLifestyle #BDSM

Mad Hatter


I live this life because I must

I feel it’s what is just

A life of honesty and love

A life that fits me like a glove


I’m a girl through and through

and being in service makes me who?


Me… just me


Mad Hatter 1


Slave is just a label

of which I’m not sure I’m able

to accept…


I’m more than just that by definition

I transition…

into partner


relationship mend-er

An advice giver

sometimes, even a rule bender

a positive energy sender

and for those I love, a true defender


Leather means way more than a piece of clothing or what I wear

it’s how I care,

it’s how I share,

it’s how I dare… to love.


My life is lived with that of integrity

I’m in it for the longevity


The camaraderie means the world to me

The family aspect has become the key


Leather is the life for me.


Leather is my life


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

These are A Few of My Favorite Things… #ASMSG #FavoriteThings












  • I love a good mindfucking before the real thing. 😛


  • I think I’ll genuinely always be bad, so there has to be someone to love the bad girls, right?


  • Boots: I love licking them, humping them, and lots of things in between. 🙂


  • Spank me, and I’m yours.


  • I love when I’ve been a bad kitty, and I get put in the naughty corner. I’m telling you I could live there. -winks-


  • It’s true, there are just those people who you know are gonna tie your insides up in knots, but you just can’t help but like them. I know a few of you. -giggles-



  • One Day… I believe in it!


  • Thanks for playing along with A few of My Favorite Things. Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to share a few of your favorite things in the comment section if you’d like. 🙂