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Many of you took advantage of my 3 day FREE gift of  “The Babysitter Extraordinaire” last week, and I’m so glad that you did.  I’m hoping many of you read it, and saw my surprise in the back with the 1st ch. of my novel; The Beautiful Catastrophe.  Also the lovely extended blurb I hope lured you in!


Here’s a little sneak peek… 





The Beautiful Catastrophe Ch. 8 – London, France, my underpants…


“I did not mean that the way it came out.  I mean— umm—” Each word stammered over in turn, and I was getting hotter by the moment, and was I sweating?

His hand clamped down on the phone, and his other hand peeled my fingers away. “Oh no, you don’t. Just when you start talking, you want to cover it up with fancy words, the bathroom, or a phone call.  Not this time, Catastrophe.”

He said my name!

He was so close; I could feel his hot breath on my cheek. “In my work field I expect people like their jobs, and therefore they wish to keep them by doing what I say.” He lured me in with just the in-tone of his voice. “In my personal life; I expect people who make a choice to spend time with me; do so under the understanding of who I am.” Mr. E’s lips lightly brushed over my cheek, and my entire body seemed to be ablaze.  My head was spinning, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to answer, or just sit there and let him breathe all over me?

 “I like spending time with you.” I whispered in response.

 “I know.”

My eyes again went wide, but before I could even think of being upset, his lips were on mine, and his arms were around me, and I couldn’t be mad. 

Not now.

His lips were so soft, and mine seemed to glide with ease and our tongues tangle and dance all aflame.  My fingers clawed at his chest, his hands teased and explored their way up my back, and coiled into my hair.  I gasped as he tugged my head back, my neck exposed to his lips that devoured every tender piece of flesh he could.

“You have to stop this— I can’t play make-out in an airplane and a limo in the same day.  Please… I am a lady!” I barely got it all out; he continued assaulting my lips, and I struggled to resist his natural masculine charms.

“Please. Don’t make me beg.” I breathed out.

He stopped suddenly; his eyes were locked on mine. “I think I want to hear you beg…” 





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Bad Penny’s musings… #ASMSG

dream 1

Funny to think back when I started this journey of writing, I just knew my novel was going to be my first published piece of work. My novel “The Beautiful Catastrophe” still sits in my documents file half edited. I’m not letting such an awesome story go to waste… I’m still editing! Promise!

OK… So then I breathed life into my poetry… Iniquitous Solace, and it will be back on Amazon in few weeks. Take the naughty plunge with me, and get lost in my wicked peace.

It’s all so very exciting, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. There is proof in the pudding, right? Three weeks, and we’ll know… It’s coming!

Then my first story on Amazon was something generally out of my realm- Vampires… but of course it was Vampire sex, and not just vampires. -giggles-  Check it out … The Exception: an eternal kiss

P.S. Tip of the day… Don’t poke the kitty. It has claws. -winks-

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Snippet 2 from The Beautiful Catastrophe WIP “Run Heifer Run!” #ASMSG

  • Hello my lovelies… Below is a Snippet from my current novel I’m editing, “The Beautiful Catastrophe”.  


Why was I racing to my doom?

Because I was the Cat that ate the canary… I just had to know why?

I looked to the side at him, while we walked towards the elevator. “I am still not sure why you wish to spend time with me. I mean… obviously I offended you enough, you spanked me. Who does that?” I said as the elevator opened, and the older women inside just stare at me like I grew horns. “Thanked me—I mean thanked me.” Could my cheeks have felt any hotter?

He stepped out-of-the-way, and said, “Lovely evening ladies.” His charming smile could make any girl melt, and even these ladies seemed to be taken back by him. They walked away, and we rode the elevator upstairs.

“Good save, Ms. Sullivan. Nice color on your cheeks too.” I glowered at him, but the only sound I made was the stomping of my foot. The distance between us had closed, and I swallowed hard as my ass found the elevator wall. I blinked and stared up at him. “You didn’t offend me. I gave you options. You picked neither. I picked the one I wanted, simple as that. Precise and to the point.” He smirked at me again. Oh what I want to do to those lips!

Speechless. My mouth opened, but nothing came out.

His long nimble fingers pushed my chin back up, and he just shook his head. “Don’t want the flies to get in, hmm?” His voice was soft and smooth like butter. My eyes were set on his lips, and the way they pursed together. I know my subconscious was screaming—kiss me…kiss me you fool. However, my head was screaming—run heifer run!

So…A little Author commentary-

Catastrophe has been given her first spanking, and was totally confused because…O-M-G She liked it? Mr. E was his normal calm, cool, and smooth self, while poor Strophe wasn’t sure if she should run, or stay. Let’s just say her running shoes are never too far from her reach. Hope you enjoyed, as I continue editing, I will share a few more fun snippets.

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The Beautiful Catastrophe Snippet #ASMSG

  • It’s been a while since I posted anything from my current work in progress, The Beautiful Catastrophe… It’s finished, and in the editing process.  I’m finally diligently working on getting the editing finished, so I can start submitting it come mid February, or March.
  • In this snippet from Ch. 26 of The Beautiful Catastrophe, we just found out that Catastrophe has stomach cancer, and she hasn’t informed Mr. E yet. He’s been on a business trip for the past four days, and each night he waited until he thought she was asleep, and then whispered words of love and desire to her through the phone…



Once again, Mr. E waited until he thought I was asleep. “I love you…” He whispered. I expected the phone to light-up with end call when the silence lasted so long, but his voice rasped through the phone once more. “I know something is wrong, but I am waiting for you to tell me.” I heard him clear his throat. ” I know if I push you will run, and I can’t do that again.” The phone then lit up, and I sighed.


He knew… he knew and was allowing me to decide when to tell him. Mr. E was the most amazing man to ever walk the face of the earth, and I didn’t deserve him. Tomorrow, I had to tell him— by the way…I love you, and I might be dying, more wine?


This sucks!