Did I hear Masturbation? #ASMSG #BDSM

Hello my lovelies!!!

Did you hear? May is Masturbation month!!!

So… Let’s celebrate by sharing some masturbation worthy material! heh


So Tribal Fire

I’ve finally recovered and unburied myself from work enough to talk about it!  This year was themed the Dirty Dozen, and I had dozens of reasons to get down and dirty!

First let’s talk about my class I taught; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Erotica and Publishing…

Well I was super frightened it wouldn’t go over so well, since at the last possible moment I found myself having to teach the entire class alone. My co-teacher had unforeseen things come up, and I, according to the class evaluations, pulled it off with flying colors! 🙂


I talked about the 50 Shades of Grey Factor in the BDSM/Leather Lifestyle and how will it affect or effect us in the future? And of course I talked about social marketing– because being social, fun, and the life of the party: I can do! 🙂

My weekend was filled with meeting new friends, falling back in love with old friends, and reuniting with “family”!  Mason Alexander, Michelle, Whipmaster Bob, Bootpig, Mike, Christie, Paul, Karen Ultra Domme, Boymeat, Kathryn, Kit… and so many more.  This year by far has been my most favored and treasured of all.


I found organic relationships are the best ones, and you find the perfect connections when you don’t force a square peg into a round hole! I have many “in charge” people in my life, and to steal the phrase from Kathryn… I lead a Charmed Life!


So after being volunteer coordinator and teacher extraordinaire, I then slipped on my writer hat, and jetted down south to the Writers Conference where I met Desiree Holt! (She bought my book! OMG) Yes I had a total #fangirl meltdown moment! And because my friend Patti Stith is amazing she arranged for me to meet some agents and publishers.  Crossing my fingers and toes! 🙂


Oh… I promised masturbation material didn’t I?  OK. OK! heh

take me

The last day of Tribal Fire I found myself bottoming to the “Thug Play” Class. The main premise is Bad Guy vs. Victim.   While I totally love, love, love kicking, slapping, punching… I’m really a horrible victim for a classroom setting.  I use laughter and humor to process pain, and I also use it to distract the “Bad Guy” from hitting me while I catch my breath, or plan my next counter move.

So while I’m supposed to be frightened and the “victim” … I’m laughing my ass off screaming–  “Help… I’m the victim! Help… I’m the victim” and transitioned right into–  “Oh boots! Please step on my hands, my feet, my pussy.”

Poor Boymeat had twice the “I’m the Victim” fun, since his wife Kathryn and I are very similar creatures when it comes to processing pain, and she was the other demo bottom in the class.  At one point he was kicking her, her head was in my crotch, and she was punching me.  It was one of the hottest demo scenes I’ve ever had… and we decided it’s time for us to play for real next time! 🙂

P.S. I can’t wait for next time!  Here’s some pics of my “jewelry” from the weekend all compliments of Boymeat and Kathryn…

Boobie Bruises:

boobie bruises1

Boobie Bruises

Leg bruises:

leg bruises

Hey… Hope you found my memories masturbation worthy… Or maybe I gave you ideas to go make your own!!! 🙂

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Many hats of Tribal Fire! #ASMSG #BDSM #Swat

Good day my lovelies!


I hope this finds you having a great day!  I know I am super stoked to get out the door and off to our 12th year of Tribal Fire!


In a small leather community such as ours; there are people who like to have fun, those that want to make sure you have the fun, and then there is the Tribal Fire Staff!    It’s been said our hospitality is next to none, and coming to our event is like a “family reunion” of people you’re glad to have in your family. LOL

During the weekend I’ll wear several different hats… 

First and foremost, I’m the Volunteer Coordinator.  My job really doesn’t begin until about 45 days before the event, but once it starts… It’s balls to the walls busy.  I’ve organized volunteers for 7 years now, and at times, as much as I love my Volunteers; it’s like herding cats. 🙂

Also every year, I teach the class… “So this is your first time to Tribal Fire”.  This class was developed about 6 years ago, and gives anyone new an overview of what our event is about, and it gives people a face and a name to come to if they have questions. Newbies always have questions! -giggles-  And anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Helpy McHelperson! (Also another hat I wear during the weekend! lol)

This year I’m also wearing the hat of presenter! My first year of writing is coming closer to my anniversary (May 17th!), and I was asked to present this year at Tribal Fire on Erotica and Publishing!  I’m very sad that Thianna D won’t be along for the ride… “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Erotica and Publishing.


I’m also hoping to wear the hat of Spanked girl!


Ok… enough about what I’m doing this weekend!

What are all of you doing? Are you coming to see me? Do you wish you were? If you want to share your plans for the weekend please comment below!

Love and Licks to everyone!

Bad Penny 



Bad Penny reveals herself for Tribal Fire 2013 #ASMSG #BDSM


Every wanted to know exactly what a Bdsm/Leather event is?

Or maybe you already know, and you just needed a good recommendation?

Or you want to meet Bad Penny in person? Or maybe Thianna D is who you’d like to meet?  Either way you came to the right place! -giggles-

Tribal Fire 2013

Welcome to The Dirty Dozen, Tribal Fire© 12!

Tribal Fire will be held in Oklahoma City, May 3rd through May 5th, 2013.Tribal Fire has our usual fare of World-Class Vendors, Renowned Presenters, Hands-On Seminars and Classes, Nightly Dungeon Parties, and the Always Unpredictable Fetish Gala.  This year’s event will also include our attention to detail and Okie hospitality for which Tribal Fire has become famous (or it that infamous?)!

Oh, yes, don’t forget our interactive Friday Night “Meat ‘n’ Greet“!

The Tribal Fire committee is dedicated to producing an event that caters to every segment of the Leather/BDSM community.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate in Tribal Fire activities.

So… guess what?

I’ll be here and so will my buddy Thianna D.  We’ll be co-teaching a class called The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Erotica and Publishing.  Where she has extensive publishing knowledge, I seem to have a handle on social media and blogging. 🙂  Together we plan to educate while having fun, and perhaps in the process we’ll gain a few new readers.

So you want to come too? I got a discount for you… click here to register by April 1st at 11:55pm, and put in this code : badpenny  and get a 3 day BDSM/Leather weekend event for only $100.00!!!

And OK… OK… fine!

I know I promised I’d reveal myself…  Make your way through the pictures from #Naughtycouch takes Chicago below,  and you will find me! 🙂

HEY! Don’t skip ahead you cheaters! -giggles-

image (2)

The Illinois River turned green for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago!



The cool view of the buildings from Carebear’s SUV! 🙂


Waiting for my plane.


Gino’s East Pizza Food Yum… Meghan sucked as a waitress though! Hatefulness gets you nowhere missy! 🙂

Bad Penny boots

My sexy boots at dinner, The Farmhouse before our VIP club adventure at the Ybar.


Finally… Carebear on the left and Bad Penny on the right… Fun and Dancing at The Mid, one of the top 10 hottest clubs in Chicago!

Hope to see you at Tribal Fire! Don’t forget if you register by April 1st at 11:55pm with discount code: badpenny  it’s just $100.00

Licks and kisses!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!