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I’m a planner

I use my manners


I wear my southern-girl bannerproudly

I’m an organizer

a prioritize-r

a synchronize-r of my crazy life


Good luck

Day sucks

My life’s amok


Let’s fuck!


Don’t you see

Life can be

An adventure with me


Tight wire

I’m on fire

I’m a crier

Take me higher


Life’s a mess

I must confess

It’s the stress

…please caress


We can’t put life on hold

Let’s dare to be bold

breaking the mold


That society created

It’s now alleviated

No longer infiltrated … into our lives


The time has arrived

no more demise

let’s arise


and claim our prize


We can

You be the man

I’ll help you plan


And together … We’ll conquer the world.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013

F*R*E*E Just for you my lovelies! #ASMSG #Erotica #vampire #BYNR

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I wanted to show you my appreciation for just being the awesome…so until #Amazon decides otherwise… The Exception: an eternal kiss is #Free #Erotica just for you!!!



Lovers you longtime!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Scarred by Mrs. S… #Erotic #Romance #ASMSG @Mrs_Smut

It’s the second and final of my NEW Release Reveals today, my lovelies!




Take it away Mrs. S… 🙂 


The Other Woman
She thought she had everything, but what she really wanted she couldn’t have. What she wished for and what she got were two different things. Could she live without him? Did she want to? Was this really a fantasy?
Could he spend the rest of his life with her? Was he prepared to give up everything for her?
scarred bookcover
Book Excerpt:
I need to make a decision…
Tears still running down my cheeks…
And I say ” I have never felt this close to anyone before. I have never wanted someone this much before. Your touch means everything to me. As much as I hate to admit it. I’ve developed feelings for you I shouldn’t have. I’m fucking obsessed with you!”
He hasn’t taken his eyes off me. It’s like his hanging onto my every word.
” Babe… You have to understand that this decision has come at the cost of my heart. I will not ask you to leave her. I will not ask you to choose and I refuse to be the cause of her pain. I will always want you. I will always crave you. I will always wonder about the what ifs, however, I think this is for the best. I cannot wait for your calls to hear your voice. I refuse to assume you’re thinking about me. I refuse to assume you’re missing me. I refuse to give my heart and you have no intention of reciprocating. So… Before I fall in love with you… Allow me rip my heart from my chest and tear it up into a million little pieces as I have allowed this to happen.
I could offer you so much more but YOU need to make that choice. I’d need to know if you want me for me or what I have to offer? You need to tell me what YOU want from me. You need to be honest with me.”
I released his face. Broke eye contact. As I dropped my head, my tears were the only thing consoling me.
As he got to feet. I sensed it was over…
All I wanted…
All I ever really wanted, was for him to hold me and tell me how much he wanted me.
Author Bio:
I am Mrs. S…
I am a 30 year wife to one and mom of two with a filthy sense of humor. I’m blunt and some say I don’t know when to shut up! Lets call it verbal diarrhea!
I love telling a story so that’s why I started my blog on the 4th October 2012. My blog started out as a place to say my say. Vent if you will. However, it was mainly a platform to review books I’ve read.
Things took a turn when I started writing posts from the heart.
This was when SCARRED was conceived.
I enjoy interacting with fellow authors and praise them for their awesome writing.
I write from my heart and often cry my guts out while doing so. I want my reader to see what I see and feel what I feel.
Connect with me on:
Twitter: @Mrs_Smut


Will this book leave you Scarred? Read it; I dare ya! 

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Out of Business by Lisa Fulham #Erotica #ASMSG @lisa298

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I have back to back NEW releases for you this morning… this post and next! Amazing books by amazing authors, what more could one ask for, right?


Out On Business

Book Bio-

When Lucy Hunt is informed by her boss she will be accompanying him on a weekend long conference; she wonders how she will be able to keep her thoughts on her work. Vivid dreams of all the things she would like to do to Mr Casey have given her many sleepless nights. A weekend in his company sounds like heavenly torture.

Blake Casey is all business and no play.  Could his shy and bashful PA be the one to change all that in just a weekend?

When the company goes Out on Business, fantasies are experienced, stockings are worn and suits are torn apart.

Let Casey advertising company give you a pitch you won’t want to forget.




Blake remembered Lucy’s interview like it was yesterday. On paper she sounded like a dream and a very over-qualified dream at that. Her degree from Manchester University in advertising management and public relations showed she had dreams bigger than the PA job she had applied for. He’d figured, as long as she could uphold her qualifications in person, she pretty much already had the job before even stepping inside the building.

Then, she’d glided into his office. She was breath-taking, in an understated way. She didn’t walk with the arrogance of others as beautiful as she. She was shy and unassuming. Her outfit, a figure hugging red dress which sat an inch or so above her knees, black nylons which made him wonder if she wore tights or stockings and  black five-inch stilettos finishing off the look, gave her a stunning and elegant appearance. The cynic in him said she must have simply tested well. In his experience, women who were as beautiful as Lucy expected life to hand them even more than their looks, on a silver platter.

The further into the interview they got, the more he’d realised he was wrong. This girl knew her stuff, inside and out. She was chatty once she relaxed a little, and they even shared a few university stories as they attended the same one, albeit a decade apart. There was no way he could have given the job to anyone else. He knew from their very first meeting, she would be going places within his company, and beyond.

Six months had passed since then and every week he’d add to her workload and give her extra responsibilities. He believed that the best way to get the most from his staff was to push them, and find out where their true limits lay. Lucy rose to every challenge he set and excelled when he thought she might struggle. When she’d stood in front of him this morning—blushing as she always did when they were alone—he couldn’t help but see her beauty in a different light. Maybe it was because they were out of the office, or maybe it was being alone with her, in a different environment so early in the morning. Whatever it was, she looked stunning in the candid moment. Of course, he’d admired her from afar, but she was his PA and a huge asset to the company, he could never act on the lustful thoughts he’d had for her. He was her employer, she was his employee—the old saying of “look, but don’t touch” sprung to mind, bringing a smile to his lips.

Being the gentleman he was, Blake got to his feet and offered to get Lucy coffee. The look on her face was a picture and almost made him laugh. Was this the first time such a thing had happened? He couldn’t remember, but the look on her face kept him smiling.

They sat down together on the couch with their cups of java in a silence which became uncomfortable. Blake couldn’t help but wonder, as he always did, if she was wearing stockings or tights. Someone needed to break the silence and soon. He was beginning to fidget and he never fidgeted.

“You know Lucy, you didn’t have to wear your business dress on the train. I plan on getting changed at the hotel. Let’s just hope you don’t get too wrinkled.”

He added the last part to try to lighten the mood, but she looked like he’d just told her there was no Santa. Clearly I’m not as funny as I think I am.

She looked positively panicked.  “I’m sorry, Mr Casey. I never thought of it that way. I’ll get changed at the hotel and get these clothes dry-cleaned.”

“Lucy, it’s okay. I was just messing with you, trying to lighten the mood and fill this weird silence between us. I’m sure you will look fine when we arrive, and whilst we’re alone I think it’s okay for you to call me Blake.”




Instantly, a flicker book of hot sensual scenes flashed before her eyes of all the times she had cum with his name on her lips. She could feel her skin getting warmer and she had to work hard not to fidget. The images she conjured were deeply erotic. Her only saving grace was he couldn’t see the pictures his mere name conjured. He could, however, see the blush she was now surely sporting.

“Thank you Blake,” was all she managed to say, before their train was announced


About Lisa Fulham- 


I’m going to tell you something about myself, you ready for this?????

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing in most things in life. I find my self pondering new questions rather than finding the answers I seek. This can lead to the creations of some very random and I hope funny things, in life and in my writing.

In life we have to grab each opportunity that comes our way or else we are not living life to its full capacity. We are not worthy of those who believe in us, our capabilities or our ability to do better and go further.

I wear many different hats in my life; mother, wife, friend, manager, writer and me. All these different hats come with different voices and it can get rather crowed in my head at times. One thing that keeps me smiling is knowing that everyone else has the same problem, different hats and voices, but the same non the less.

Now for my writing, I have much to learn when it comes to my writing, this is a good thing to know. The moment we believe there is nothing left to learn, is the moment we truly know nothing at all. I am very fortunate in the fact I have a wonderful army of friends and supporters, who are always there for me when I need them. I call them an army because they really are a force to be reckoned with, and I have had a stern talking to on occasion, just what I need at times.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my words,  I hope that as I learn more within my writing, you will be able to see it reflect in the quality.

My first novella is called Out on Business and I hope to add my second in the new year.  And find me here:


(I’m bossy, hehe)

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Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety #Erotica Anthology #ASMSG

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I’ve neglected you so much lately, but my life has been all over the place. In case you aren’t in the know… I’m moving to Tulsa, Ok for work, and because I need a new adventure in my life.

There are many reasons that led up to my move, which is already in progress. In fact, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for two weeks. Yikes, but I’m surviving, and wanted to share some awesomesauce news with you guys!

LMN graphic

I have new book trailers for all my books! My good friend and fellow bdsm erotic romance author Maggie Carpenter made my 1st one, and I’m very grateful to her.  She’s one of my favorite authors, so make sure to check out her books!

Oh… I guess you wanna see the book trailer, right?

Amazeballs… I want to read the book, and I wrote it! but if you aren’t convinced yet…

I thought a little sneak peek at a chapter might help… 


Ch. 5


“Belle…I said have those papers on my desk when I walked in the office, so would you care to explain why I don’t have them?” Joseph’s tall muscular frame shadowed over Miss Notoriety as her heart became a war drum pounding in her ears.

Mondays were always a fist full of excitement around the law office of Mr. Switzer, and that Monday was no different

“I… Umm…I apologize, Sir.” Belle stammered over her words, his face now inches from hers, and her deep blue eyes stared into the dark abyss of chocolate-brown. “My sister called, and I lost track of time. I’ll have them on your desk in less than fifteen minutes, Sir.”

“Not good enough.” Her head thrashed back with the hard yank of her hair. “Your sister is more important than your job, Miss Notoriety? Or more important than me?” He growled across her lips, and Belle could barely catch her breath before his lips crashed into hers, and she was devoured by the wolf.

He demanded her attention be given to his mouth and tongue, and Joseph’s free hand kneaded and pinched at her already hardening nipples. Each breast treated in the same rough fashion, and the kiss ended with a rush of air filling their lungs.

“Please Joseph, I’m sorry. Nothing’s more important than you.” Belle melted to the floor finding her knees, her chin tipped down, and her cheek brushed his outer thigh. She was apologizing, or tried to, before she was not so gently coaxed off the floor, and bent over her desk in the middle of the office.


Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety 

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Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013