Labeled The Nice Girl #Poetry #Poem #ASMSG


I woke up and thought

“I hate being the nice girl”

My niceties make me want to hurl




I exhaled

How many times do I say it’s OK?

Tell the dickheads to have a nice day?
Kill’em with kindness it’s how I was raised

Except I’m afraid I’m done with that maze
I’m tired of always being the bigger ‘man’

I’m thinking shit’s about to hit the fan
I hate feeling like I’ve been used

That my niceties are being abused

Don’t take me for granted

Damn it!

Who am I trying to fool?

I’ll continue to be the pack mule
I put on my mask…

Why you ask?
Nice girl blood runs through my veins

And I’m a true glutton for pain
Nice girl will always be my trait

I hate

Because of You #Poetry #Relationships #ASMSG #Love



Dreams can come true

Life can be a cabaret, ole chum

And it’s…


Because of you


The sun shines a little brighter

I appreciate the morning dew

I stop to smell the flowers

And my heart beats anew


Because of you


I look at my future in a different light

Brightness for miles around

My imagination takes flight


Because of you


Tomorrow is always a brighter day

My dreams have come true

And like I said it’s…


Because of you

The Art of Landscaping #Poem #ASMSG #Poetry #OCT

The art of landscaping

And this is my story…

Getting to the root of the problem

isn’t always easy

Especially when you’re naughty

and sleazy.

I just need to tend my garden

So, I beg your pardon

I need to pluck my flowers

coaxing the nectar with the Hitachi powers

With time I’m pruning the hedge

plunging a dildo in and out I pledge

“Everything’s cumming up roses”

I’m the landscaper

And I just landscaped

Penelope Jones copyright 2013 from Iniquitous Solace- The Aftermath

You’re a Good man #PoetryWednesday #ASMSG #Poetry


You’re a good guy

by Penelope Jones


A knife stuck through my back

I had a knack…


For finding the assholes


Then there was you,

Oh … pooh!


You came into my life when I needed you most

It all started when you responded to my blog post


It was easier to push you away, than to take that leap

Knowing you could leave me in a broken heap


You knew from the beginning I was a fucked-up mess

I used aversion tactics, pushed all your buttons

It was a test


You had me pinned

And would not let me win


Winning with you meant losing

And that wouldn’t be my choosing


Please just realize I was protecting my heart

I know it was a rocky start


I didn’t mean to be so damn defensive,

But humans have left me pensive


Questioning who I am,

Questioning you…



I’m really sorry you got caught in my broken life

Now you know why I’m not someone’s wife

… Too much strife.


I just need someone willing to knock down my walls

and stop treating me like a China-Doll


I know it’s contradictory to say it that way

but listen to what I have to say …


Being broken meant I was going to find reasons to hate

I just hope it’s not too late.


Because …


You’re a good man…

And, I’ve got a plan.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013