Ch.6 The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me #ASMSG

Diary of a Broken Me

Pictures, Skype, and Christmas Hype!



Dearest love of my life,


I’ve missed you so much this week. I know it’s busy for you during the holiday season at the toy store. I love that you own a toy store Sir. It’s like your Santa Claus everyday, and I wanna be on the naughty list, Sir. I’m kidding. I’m really glad you trusted me, it’s a side of you we can share, now. The first six months have been rough. I can’t lie about that, and you probably are nodding you’re head as you read this, in agreement.

I was so broken when we met, that we spent more time trying to fix me than any relationship should. Thank you for that…again. I know I keep saying that, Sir, but it’s true. I’m so grateful to have met you, to have you and Cynthia in my life. But not just that Sir, I’m healing, one day I’ll no longer be a broken me, and that’s because you’ve taught me that love can be real, and I’m worth being loved unconditionally.

You took the fucked up me and loved me like I couldn’t have dreamed. And Cynthia has done the same, Sir. Yes, I was leery at first, but I think we all were. It wasn’t like she expected to add another woman to your lives, nor I, Sir. It sort of took us all by surprise, and you know it caused a huge rift with us for week or so. I felt betrayed, and quite left out of the loop.

She knew everything about me, and I knew next to nothing about her. Cynthia knew about my past relationships, our relationship, and my favorite foods. I knew she was the mother of your children, Sir. Not quite fair, but we’ve hashed this out already, Sir. Let me get back to why I’m writing tonight.

Christmas is just weeks away, and although it’s your busy time of year, you’ve invited me to come and spend it with you, and into the New Year. I tell you I nearly peed myself when you told me, Sir.


Ha.Ha.. But in the best-est way possible, Sir. I’m coming to stay three glorious weeks with you. I will be under your authority, in person. I can hardly believe it’s real, Sir. I never thought this day would come, and I’m fairly certain you’d agree. I need to add, I’m excited to see what Cynthia has planned for me, Sir. I know it shocked you as much as me, when she explained in great detail what she wanted to do with me. How much she wanted to feel my tongue on her clit. I nearly fell out of my computer chair.

Wait…you know this, it was during our last Skype conversation. Our preferred chat box these days, aside from this journal. I’ve thought about how she’ll taste, and how her body will sing under my tongue, Sir. I bet you just popped a boner, and I can’t stop laughing. Maybe I am trying to get on Santa’s naughty list.

Tell Mrs. Claus I’m ready to be punished, please Sir?!

All kidding aside, this time next week, I’ll be on a plane crossing the pond to see you. This time next week, I’ll be breathing the same damp air as you, Sir. This time next week, I will be in your arms, and under your thumb, and I can’t flipping wait.

You’ve forbidden me to hide secret messages within this journal for the next seven days, Sir.

Soooooo, I’ve decided that my next journal post will be after our first meeting. That keeps me out of trouble, and hopefully not you in suspense, dearest love of my life. I’m joking, I’ve really tried to curb the hidden messages, and have opened up telling you about my past, and it also allowed you to understand me better, and why I’m such a fucked up, broken me. I’m on the mend, but still sorta broken.

I promise to explain more about the broken me, after our meeting. I love you Sir. Please kiss Cynthia for me, and tell her the same.


P.S. I’ve emailed you some pictures, Sir. The panties and stockings you sent me for my birthday. I hope you like them. I’m wearing those peep-toed pink heels you love. Hah.

Your adoring slave girl