Guest Post: The Dark Toy Room by CP McClennan #Erotica #ASMSG @stranded_in_to

Good day my lovelies!  


Earlier in the week I was hosted by CP McClennan to take part in his Fellatio Project, and I had a blast writing a story just for him.


After it was all said and done, I jokingly said, “Now you owe me a story, and it better have spanking!”  Well… I got it… MEOW— I got it!




A Dark Toy Room

by C.P. McClennan




The dark did not stop him, it seemed. Diane enjoyed the burn his hand had given her ass as she braced on her hands and knees anticipating the next one.

“You shrew!” he screamed.


Darryl liked to call her shrew. It was so much more Shakespearean than slut. He always felt it made him seem more cultured.  Many quotes were tossed about whether or not he truly knew what they meant.  He claimed to have studied the bard in his university years.

Diane believed that when he said “studied”, he really meant “attended classes to sleep off the hangover”.


He was just a really cool dom with some really creative ideas. How many doms could offer visual deprivation and still spank?  She had been through so many that thought they were dominant but really had no clue.  A good dom was not as easy to find as one might hope.  Darryl was kind, attentive, listened, and had this childlike curiosity that made for some really interesting occasions…like this one.


This last strike caused Diane to squirm, but the cuffs around her wrists and ankles allowed very little movement.

Darryl had done this place up right with the padded floor, adjustable cuff lengths and even the ceiling cinch that held Diane’s midriff restrained, keeping her on her hands and knees.


Just being in the get up was a huge turn on for Diane. Then the assault of Darryl’s open bare hand on her ass already had her nearing orgasm in the pitch black.

On the walls were posters of Black Sabbath, Styx, and even The Guess Who as the place was done up with a flair for the 70s and 80s…when the lights were on.

Of course, right now, all Diane saw was black.


A piece of flesh touched her lips in the darkness.  It felt round, almost knobbish.

Flicking her tongue, Diane recognized the taste of Henry’s cock. She sucked it in as deep as she could.  Warmth that erections gave off in her mouth always made her suck harder.


Henry…well, it was too dark, but it tasted like him…put a hand on the back of her head and began to guide her pace and pushed deeper.


Trying not to gag, Diane accepted the throat fucking greedily and still wanted more.


To her surprise, a body slid between her legs and beneath her.  The offered erection was immediately accepted and devoured by her soaked pussy.  It seems it was hungry for cock, too.


The spanks were not quite as hard now. Diane assumed that Darryl didn’t want to accidentally stroke cock or balls of whomever she was now fucking.


With a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, she barely noticed the ongoing spanks…nor the fact that they had now ended.

She did sense the termination, however, when she felt the tip of a third cock slipping between her burning ass cheeks.  There was no pain as it slipped in.  It was hard, Diane realized, to decide just what direction to thrust when one had three men inside of her…but thrust she did, over and over until cum dripped from her mouth, pussy and ass.

The lights came on, finally, and her three lovers stood before her…each with night vision goggles in hand and a flaccid penis between his legs.

Darryl leaned forward and kissed her cheek, his grey whiskers tickling her.  “Happy birthday, babe.”

Diane gasped for breath.  “This was the best birthday, ever.”


Told you it was yummy! 🙂



Bio C.P. McClennan


Chris is a published fiction writer, father, atheist, kinkster, swinger and knows where his towel is.  Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada…for the last 28 years he has lived in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada…and he misses his mountains.

Chris is also a wonderful friend and mentor. I met him when I first started, and I’m thankful our lives crossed paths!


Go find Chris here: 


Twitter:  @stranded_in_to

Fetlife:  stranded_in_to



It’s Here! The Billionaire that____? Book Cover Reveal! @avioletend #ASMSG


I have a very special treat for you my lovelies. I teased you with it last night, but today I plan to please you with all the tantalizing details to lure you into this delicious 5 part series: The Billionaire that — Mrs. A Violet End the Author of the Grimm and Dirty Fairy Tales presents the Diary of a Fuckdoll 1-5!

So… sit back relax on the #Naughtycouch, and let’s go for a ride on the kinky side.

And away we go… The Billionaire That — Diary of a Fuckdoll 1-3


Picture it… A stunning beauty walks down the aisle of your next flight. First-class is her style, but her budget’s more eco-class.  She’s the stewardess you dream will serve you a drink, and Billionaire Pharmaceutical Tycoon, Tristan Vargas, must have her, and the more she said no… the more he needed her.  He will own her. Tristan is one of the most deliciously dominant men I’ve had the pleasure of reading about in recent months. I read a lot, and everybody knows, I’m Bad Penny! It’s pretty hard to make me feel like it’s something I just can’t put down… but Mrs. A. Violet End has done it. The Billionaire that Boned Me, Owned Me, and Stoned Me caused me to need a little extra time with the Hitachi!

Several times in fact.  🙂

But she didn’t stop there…The Billionaire that Phoned Me


No, the woman went on to write part 4 of The Diary of a Fuckdoll Series, The Billionaire that Phoned Me. Which of course I had to get right away, and I couldn’t wait to get it open, but I also had to re-read 1-3 because it would be a sin not to read from beginning to end, making sure to catch-all the extra details she throws in tying this piece or that of the story. Mrs. End is an amazing story-teller, and just keeps making you want more and more. I’ve become so greedy with her writing I think I have half her books or more, but she’s still right behind Max in numbers in my kindle!

Right… sorry got distracted with how wonderful she is… the book! In part 4 of The Diary of a Fuck Doll, Lisa’s sure she needs to end her relationship with Tristan. It’s toxic for them both, right? She returns home to find strength to send him out of her life for good.  What she didn’t know was that he would end up saving her from the roughest and raunchiest gangbang she’s ever had the disturbing pleasure of taking part in. Her Savior? Lisa likes it rough, and Tristan doesn’t mind giving it to her in some of the kinkiest, dirtiest ways I can think of… MEOW!!!

And now for the reason we are all here… Bad Penny presents: Hot off the presses…

The Billionaire that ___ 

Being the #fangirl I am… I begged to help with her book release. And I got a sneak peek at the ideas behind the stories. And I’m just telling you… You have no idea what’s cumming your way!

-fans self-

Ok… Let’s talk about what’s in store for us in this edition of The Dairy of a Fuckdoll Part 5.  It promises to deliver more kinky sex and depraved acts as Tristan continues his pursuit of ownership of Lisa.  Waking from a coma, Lisa is at first unable to remember–legitimately, this time–how she got into this mess. Tristan is up to his old tricks, and when Lisa over hears him getting a blowjob from a flight attendant on their way to Dubai, she decides to go off her meds to see what exactly will happen.

What comes next is a life-changing experience she’ll never forget, pitting her against the man whose throbbing hot cock she adores, but whose dominance she loves to hate.  Who will prevail?  Discover how the wealthy men of the world bond over blondes and sex alongside Lisa in this leg of her journey: THE BILLIONAIRE WHO CLONED ME: Diary of a Fuckdoll part 5.


Here’s the buy link:  The Diary of a Fuckdoll 5 Series: The Billionaire that Cloned Me by author A. Violet End!

You can find Mrs. A. Violet End at the following social media outlets:

Twitter: @avioletend

Facebook: A. Violet End 

Tumblr: Grimm and Dirty Fairy Tales 


Amazon: A. Violet End

Smashwords: A. Violet End

Ch. 6 NSLG: Not Fucked? #ASMSG


But— nothing, my pale blue eyes widened in horror, and my fists were balls of rage, as I came up off that bed like a flash of light. My jabs meeting his broad chest.

“All this fucking time, it’s been a fucking game—“

Cut off by a hand that clamped down like a vice grip over my lips. “Shut up before he hears you!” I got in one solid shot to his good eye before my arms were rendered useless by his grip. Now he can sport two black eyes!

“Fuck., Sadiyah stop.” By now I was kicking and biting, but I wasn’t a match for Sven. He had me pinned, on my back, and the sterile bed caved below the weight of us.

The air rushed from my lungs when we landed, but his resolve and hold over me was steeled. “You going to behave? Or do I need to get Jason?” His voice grated across my skin like the devil could appear just from him speaking his name, but I nodded my head, desperate for him to tell me answers.

Real, honest answers.

“Sadiyah, if he finds out I told you, it’s over for us both. He will kill us.” Like the prior news wasn’t shocking enough? I barely made a squeak, and laying motionless under him, until once more my head’s like a bobble doll, and his hand slowly creeps away.

“Sven…you can’t be serious. If Seth sent me here, Jason won’t kill me or you.” Logically that’s sensible, but once he repeated it, no longer did it make sense.

“Are you daft? Have you gone mental? Seth doesn’t care if you live or die either. Jason owns him money. In order for him not to break Jason’s knee caps, he must train you to be his pain slut.” Sven’s harsh truths cut through me like a knife, and twisted it one last time, when I wrapped my pretty head around that Seth didn’t give a fuck if I lived or died. He just wanted his money.

“I’m literally and figuratively fucked… is what you are saying, right? That I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. Either way, I’m to be miserable forever, lovely. I thought he loved me…” Poor Sven just stared down as the range of emotions glazed over my eyes like a tumultuous storm.

“No…fuck no. I’m not going to let that happen.” His head shook back and forth, and the dark brooding gaze was one I’d seen often. “Jason’s crossed the line this time. It’s always been consensual. Always. Fuck.” He finally sat up and left me there of my own free will, and neither of us spoke or moved for what seemed like an eternity.

For me, every second in the house was like that, until recently. Sven changed, and I can’t really say when it happened, but I was glad he did. He’s my only chance.

Inching my way from my back, and I crawled to be closer, to be nearer to my only hope. “Please don’t let him kill me, Sven. I’ll do anything you ask, just please?” My voice shook with fear as I begged for my life, while true and honest terror wrenched in my gut. A slow trickle of tears had begun to creep down my cheeks like a whisper of knowledge that I believed in him.

“I’ve a plan Sadi, trust me. In three nights this nightmare will be behind us.” There’s remorse in his voice, the sharpness was nothing I ever felt from him before. Such clarity in those words.

He was leaving his family behind for me.

My faith, my fate, and my future were in his hands.

Please don’t let me be Fucked!

Merry Christmas Eve #ASMSG


Lick.Suck.Blow Little Miss Notoriety #Poemup

Lick. Suck. Blow

His name’s Joe

My funds have depleted so low

And he has mad dough

You perverts…

Lick envelopes to mail for him

Suck the carpets with a vacuum

Blow the leaves off the walk-way

Lick. Suck. Blow

No, I’m not a ho

I’m his secretary though

But later…

I’ll lick him clean, suck him dry, and blow his mind.

I’m that kinda girl…Lick, suck, blow.


I’m little Miss Notoriety

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