Ch. NSLG: 3 Slave 297 #ASMSG

(Continued from The Not So Lucky Girl Novella)

Fuck was right.

And shit, damn, piss, hell, and fuck should have come out in a stream of words, but nothing came. My entire body jerked forward from the snap, and the delivery of that single-tail whip slicing through my backside. There were two reasons those words that were screaming over and over in my head never made it to the surface. The pain and I couldn’t breath, the gasp and rush of air back into my lungs only spurred Jason further. Once more the piercing swoosh of the whip spliced through the air in the opposite direction. It peeled like butter through my shoulder-blade. The chains rattled as I lurched forward losing my balance for a moment, but Sven helped me regain it. He was right there with his strong arms tightly enveloping me. I felt safe. No one but me knew what he said, but the important part was I heard it.

“Don’t show fear, he gets off on it.” That was easy for him to say, he wasn’t the one strung up and being beating by a crazy, mad man.

I was…and I was terrified.

My eyes closed and I tried to imagine myself being anywhere but there. Sven perhaps knew I needed a moment, and coughed really loudly and uncontrollably for what seemed like a good minute or maybe more. The coughing grew distant, but I didn’t open my eyes, so I had no idea what they were doing. I knew that with each splice of that whip through my flesh I couldn’t control the way my body lunged, and it seemed to be expected. I could however control how it made me react, so the next slice across my skin, I let the hot fiery feeling resonate through me and it embraced me like a long, lost lover. The lover I had left behind.

Maybe my former lover sold me to him? That thought threw my entire mind out of whack, and the next strike cut through me like a rain of fire, and I cried out.

“Please stop…Please I am begging you, please stop!” I grasped, and desperately my fingers clung to the chains that held me bound, no way to run, and nowhere to hide, so I begged.

“You want me to stop do you?”He whispered to me. The pain was so grievous, I hadn’t realized he was breathing down my neck, and his words licked at my ear coercing me to beg further.

And I did.

“Yes…please I’ll do anything, just please stop.” I would’ve grovel at his feet if allowed. I wasn’t in my right mind, the thought that my owner, my former lover had a hand in all this was just too much for me to wrap my pretty little head around.

“You will do anything regardless of your begging. You will learn 297,” he said it all so casually, like a business deal that was being made between the two of us, except I was barely coherent, and if not for those chains, I would have been a ball of mush on the floor.

“You are my property. You will do as I say, what pleases me.” His hands were lightly tracing over his handy work. Jason’s strong fingers poked and prodded over each little cut, scrap, and scratch from his assault.

I agreed, of course I agreed by nodding my head like a puppet on a string.

His mouth brushed over my ear with just a hint of a whispered breath before he spoke. “You are delicious. Maybe you will earn a name my little 297. But for tonight I must leave you.” The chill in the air was almost instantaneous.

My eyes flew open, and the room was dark, and I was alone. Sven was nowhere to be found, and the devil left me hanging there. Literally and figuratively. And for the first time since arriving I wanted Jason to come back, to forgive me and not leave me there. The thought was completely absurd, but at that moment sanity was not on my side. The darkness consumed me, and so did the horrible thoughts of what had happened, and what was going to happen?

“FUCK! Please don’t leave me alone. Come back…please?” I knew that no one would come, they never came. I screamed night after night for the first week I arrived, and it was as if the rooms were sound proof, or they were completely heartless, probably both.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably more like a few hours, Sven wrapped his strong arms around my slumped and half asleep body.

“No…please I will be good.” I whimpered, but he put his finger over my lips.

“Shh. I am supposed to wait another hour, but I couldn’t. If he hears us, we are both dead.” One by one I was removed from my bonds. He scooped me up into his arms, and that was when I knew I had someone on my side.

Sven just might be my ticket out.