Not Just a Temporary Patch #Poetry #ASMSG #Relationships



Perfect, sparkling blue eyes
He was a nice surprise


A game of pool
Nearly made me drool


And 3 beers in,
And, I would’ve fucked him


Again and Again and Again


Yet, He stopped me in my tracks
Morals wasn’t something he lacked




Was this guy for real?
Didn’t he know the deal?


I was an easy lay
But he had to pay


That’s right my goodies weren’t free,
Cash wasn’t the key


From love and devotion,
To crossing an ocean


Proving to me he was worthy of my gift
Everything he did gave my heart a lift


He showed me what a good man was like
And I didn’t tell him to go fly a kite


In fact…


I invited him into my life
And he didn’t add any strife


Life was an adventure which twisted and turned
And my body yearned…

for him


Owned, there was no doubt
He spanked me when I’d pout


We loved through thick and thin
Together we made up new sins


But, I’m only day dreaming
And perhaps doing a little scheming




It would be a perfect match
And not just a temporary patch


Me and Him…
Maybe I’ll meet him at the gym?


Exercise does a body good…
Pass it on!




Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

Because of You #Poetry #Relationships #ASMSG #Love



Dreams can come true

Life can be a cabaret, ole chum

And it’s…


Because of you


The sun shines a little brighter

I appreciate the morning dew

I stop to smell the flowers

And my heart beats anew


Because of you


I look at my future in a different light

Brightness for miles around

My imagination takes flight


Because of you


Tomorrow is always a brighter day

My dreams have come true

And like I said it’s…


Because of you

And Together … #Poetry #Relationships #ASMSG


I’m a planner

I use my manners


I wear my southern-girl bannerproudly

I’m an organizer

a prioritize-r

a synchronize-r of my crazy life


Good luck

Day sucks

My life’s amok


Let’s fuck!


Don’t you see

Life can be

An adventure with me


Tight wire

I’m on fire

I’m a crier

Take me higher


Life’s a mess

I must confess

It’s the stress

…please caress


We can’t put life on hold

Let’s dare to be bold

breaking the mold


That society created

It’s now alleviated

No longer infiltrated … into our lives


The time has arrived

no more demise

let’s arise


and claim our prize


We can

You be the man

I’ll help you plan


And together … We’ll conquer the world.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013

I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine #poetry #Asmsg


Spero che il tuo cuore non dimentica il mio. (Italian) meaning: I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine.

I’ve loved you since the first time we met…
I knew I wanted to be your pet.

Yours forever if you desired
Your slave was hired.

Yet, I wasn’t enough?
It was tough

7 years of doubting,
7 years of pouting.

For 7 years I tried to feel the void you caused
I wanted to press pause.

I needed to begin again…
To write my feelings down with a pen.

I didn’t expect you to come back and change my path…
I did the math.

You don’t compute!

Why? Why did you return?
Will my soul be burn?

I’ve loved you for 13 years give or take a few…
You said you loved me too!

I’m trusting you not to leave me broken like before…
I deserve more.

I hope your heart doesn’t forget mine…
Is this the right time?

I waited 7 long years…
What’s a few more?

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014!

You’re An Ass #Poetry #ASMSG #PoetryWednesday


You said you loved me

You said you cared

You said you need me

It’s only fair


I said I loved you

I said I cared

I said I need you

As much as air


You didn’t love me

You didn’t care

You didn’t need me

It’s not fair


I still love you

I still care

I still need you

As much as air


Life will go on

I will move past

You seem happy

Hope it doesn’t last


I hope you look back and realize…

You’re an ass!”