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Take it away Mrs. S… ūüôā¬†


The Other Woman
She thought she had everything, but what she really wanted she couldn’t have. What she wished for and what she got were two different things. Could she live without him? Did she want to? Was this really a fantasy?
Could he spend the rest of his life with her? Was he prepared to give up everything for her?
scarred bookcover
Book Excerpt:
I need to make a decision…
Tears still running down my cheeks…
And I say ” I have never felt this close to anyone before. I have never wanted someone this much before. Your touch means everything to me. As much as I hate to admit it. I’ve developed feelings for you I shouldn’t have. I’m fucking obsessed with you!”
He hasn’t taken his eyes off me. It’s like his hanging onto my every word.
” Babe… You have to understand that this decision has come at the cost of my heart. I will not ask you to leave her. I will not ask you to choose and I refuse to be the cause of her pain. I will always want you. I will always crave you. I will always wonder about the what ifs, however, I think this is for the best. I cannot wait for your calls to hear your voice. I refuse to assume you’re thinking about me. I refuse to assume you’re missing me. I refuse to give my heart and you have no intention of reciprocating. So… Before I fall in love with you… Allow me rip my heart from my chest and tear it up into a million little pieces as I have allowed this to happen.
I could offer you so much more but YOU need to make that choice. I’d need to know if you want me for me or what I have to offer? You need to tell me what YOU want from me. You need to be honest with me.”
I released his face. Broke eye contact. As I dropped my head, my tears were the only thing consoling me.
As he got to feet. I sensed it was over…
All I wanted…
All I ever really wanted, was for him to hold me and tell me how much he wanted me.
Author Bio:
I am Mrs. S…
I am a 30 year wife to one and mom of two with a filthy sense of humor. I’m blunt and some say I don’t know when to shut up! Lets call it verbal diarrhea!
I love telling a story so that’s why I started my blog on the 4th October 2012. My blog started out as a place to say my say. Vent if you will. However, it was mainly a platform to review books I’ve read.
Things took a turn when I started writing posts from the heart.
This was when SCARRED was conceived.
I enjoy interacting with fellow authors and praise them for their awesome writing.
I write from my heart and often cry my guts out while doing so. I want my reader to see what I see and feel what I feel.
Connect with me on:
Twitter: @Mrs_Smut


Will this book leave you Scarred? Read it; I dare ya! 

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NEW Release! Bride for Lord Esher by PJ Perryman #ASMSG #Erotica @Pattisparkles

Good morning my lovelies…


I have a treat… My girl PJ Perryman has a new release! And she’s doing a small guest spot here!


Take it away PJ!


A Bride for Lord Esher


A Bride for Lord Esher



The plot

During a drinking bout with a bridal party, Lord Robert Esher makes a foolish bet to marry the inn-keepers daughter. His companion, a mischievous friend from his childhood, ensures the bargain is kept.

When Esher rises the next morning, he finds he is married to Chastity, a comely wench, her virtue sold for a few guineas by her father. Despite asking the church and King George for an annulment, Esher can’t undo what has been done before God.

But his ever jealous friends are insulted by the association with such a low-born woman. In an act of spite, one woman plants a brooch in Chastity’s chamber, hoping to ruin her reputation. When Chastity is accused of stealing, Esher puts her aside, so she flees to Hastings to start a new life. But chance is unkind, and her new place is discovered by another enemy, who would steal her virtue and disgrace her forever.

Regretting his decision to abandon her, Esher rushes to find Chastity and make amends. But his change of heart may have come too late to save her from total ruin.

A Bride for Lord Esher is a dark historical romance complete at 37,000-words.


Click Here for a video Trailer ~ A BRIDE FOR LORD ESHER ~

I hope you all enjoy this one. It’s a historical romance full of color and intrigue. I love my villains as much as my heroes, and hope you will too.

As always, reviews welcome! Click here to go directly to the publishers site and be the first to buy!

Sparkly ‚Äď aka P J Perryman


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Book Review: Object of His Desire by @PollyJAdams #ASMSG #Erotica

Good morning my lovelies! 

I told you I’d ¬†post the review of Polly’s new release very soon; well, I’m happy to announce, ¬†today is the day!¬†



Object of his desire PollyJAdams



Romance, Intrigue, and Murder!


Love, mystery, and there was a killer on the loose! What more could you want out of a good erotica romance thriller, right?

Well this book has even more than that to offer. Object of His Desire is about so many different characters it’s hard to just name the two key players, so bear with me, please.

Trudy is on Willem Bentinck-Stanley radar the moment she walks into the church for the ceremony of her Brother Ethan’s wedding to Will’s sister, Eleanor. What does that make them? sister and brother/brother-in-laws? Anywho… She’s pretty keen on him also, until her Ex- Charlie strolled into the same wedding.

That night led to many conversations regarding… “There is no us, Charlie.” and “You can’t just woo me with flowers, Will” Oh, and “Make love to me, Now” while tied up! And finally, “I have no idea what his family is involved in Julie, but a girl is dead!” … Yep, her brother’s wedding kicks it all off, You’ll never believe who did it!

Read the book! It’s good! Really, really good!

#Naughtyville Approved

Available now for: (Get it on Kindle this week for the introductory price of only $0.99!) 
You can check out more of her stuff at:

As you wish, A Cinderella Story coming soon… @AVioletEnd #ASMSG

A. Violet End has taken the fork in the road instead of hot, dirty, straight smuttiness,  she has taken a leap into erotic romance with As you wish, A Cinderella Story. The release date is coming soon in February. Check back because Bad Penny will have the scoop!


Let’s get down to business…¬†What is this story?

As you wish, A Cinderella story¬†… Annora is willing to do anything to save her father from the dark eros of an evil witch-mother and two demonic step-sisters. It’s a perilous task, battling such awful magic, but she doesn’t have to face danger alone; a fairy man waits to make all Annora’s wishes come true–for a price. This is not Walt Disney’s Cinderella, dear reader. This is As You Wish, a Cinderella story coming soon from author A. Violet End.


A. Violet End¬†is the author of the Grimm and Dirty Fairytales and The Fuckdoll Series Billionaire that — All 5 books! And I know you must be wondering if this book is anything like her others… The answer in short is yes and no, but this should explain it!


A word from the Author: 


Is it anything like the Grimm & Dirty Tales?¬†¬†Yes and no. ¬†Mostly no. ¬†It’s a fairy tale. ¬†It’s based on my reading of the original, but I threw almost all the baby out with this bathwater and redid it. ¬†In my Grimm & Dirty Tales, characters are less three dimensional. ¬†They’re more like paper dolls. ¬†In As You Wish, it was as though two paper dolls fell in love with one another, broke the fourth wall, and said “Hey, writer! ¬†Take a note! ¬†We’d like a bit more story in our story, please!” ¬†Once I realized what had happened, I was compelled to go back through the book and clean it up. ¬†When one falls in love, one isn’t near as crude as when one is just being Grimm & Dirty. ¬†So, no, this book is quite different, although WHY I decided to write a romance when for 23 stories in a row I was content to just write smut, I do not know. ¬†I guess it took me 23 tries to fall in love, what can I say? ¬†Frog kissing is fun, too, let’s not knock it!


How does it compare to the Billionaire books?¬†¬†Tristan and Lisa have a relationship…sorta. ¬†Okay, the Diary of a F*ckdoll books have obviously taken a Sci Fi turn with the addition of part 5. ¬†That saga will be over in part 7, and yes, there is something like a relationship happening between Tristan and Lisa, but it’s not a romance. ¬†That series is pure erotica. ¬†As You Wish is about two characters who do the dirty, sure, but they also fall deeply, deeply in love. ¬†And being fairy tale characters, it’s a tough call how much of their personalities to draw. ¬†Fairy tales are about archetypes, right? ¬†In that way, I guess As You Wish has something in common with The Billionaire Who…stories, because Tristan and Lisa are archetypal, as well. ¬†It is my great hope that by the time I get through this final ass-kicking edit of As You Wish, I will simply be presenting you with the finest story I’ve ever written. ¬†Hot, sweet, dark, dirty, and romantic as hell.


So, the answer is still yes and no… All A. Violet End’s book have dirty, hot, smuttiness, and some romance, but this is romance with some dirty, hot, smuttiness, and I flipping can’t wait to read it. I’m truly a romantic at heart, in case there was any question, plus I’m one of ¬†A. Violet Ends biggest fans…¬†YOU SHOULD BE ALSO! heh

You can find all A. Violet End’s books and links here:¬†


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WIP Mini Blog Hop: Go! Tag You’re it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP Mini Blog Hop: Go!

I was tagged by two Authors Adeline Raine and Thianna D in the Next Big Thing: Authors Tagging Authors…also known as the WIP Blog Hop. Thanks for the tag! I feel special … Two for the price of one! ūüėõ

Here are the rules:

  • Give credit to the person/blog that tagged you
  • Post the rules for this hop
  • Answer these ten questions about your current WIP (Work In Progress) on your blog
  • Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them
  • 1. What is the working title of your book?
  • The Beautiful Catastrophe
  • 2. What genre does the book fall under?
  • BDSM erotic romance with discipline and sexy spankings sprinkled throughout.
  • 3. Which actors would you choose to play your characters for the movie rendition?
  • Christian Bale would play Slade E. Masters ( better known in the book as Mr. E) Strong Dominant Personality

  • Marion Cotillard as Catastrophe Grace Sullivan Morgan ( better known in the book as Cat) Strong, witty submissive woman with sexy appeal that could stop train.

  • 4. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
  • Threat of death, morality, and punishment cannot keep two people from they’re destiny of ¬†happily ever after.
  • 5. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
  • I have a couple of publishers I wish to look into for my book, but I’m highly considering self-publishing a few anthologies by the end of the year, and testing the waters.
  • 6. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
  • 4 months ( 2 books…190,000 cut down to one book.) ¬†140,000 right now, and editing still UGH! (I’m a writer, not an editor, lol)
  • 7. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
  • Simililarities in these books below, but it’s my unique writer’s voice that makes it very different, I hope:
  • Bared to You: A CrossFire Novel
  • Fifty Shades of Gray
  • 8. Who or what inspired you to write this book?
  • I read Collen Hoover’s books Slammed and Point of No Retreat. Long story short, I have aspired to write forever, but never did seriously until reading these two books. They’re love and emotion on a page, and I wanted to do that.
  • I wanted to write love on paper, and scream erotica from the roof-tops with words. All the while, bringing my chosen lifestyle into as well, and show romance’s in the eye of the beholder. The heart decides what’s romantic, not society.
  • 9. What else about your book might pique the reader‚Äôs interest?
  • Towards the last half of the book, you will find out something very interesting about Catastrophe’s father and his girlfriend! Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to ‘lifestyle’ choices.
  • Question #10
  • Tag, you‚Äôre it!
  • I ‚Äôtagged‚Äô the following authors:

Patti Sparkles

Genevieve Dewey

Joseph McNamara

PJ Bayliss

Jacob Ancoat