Ch. 4 NSLG: Eventually, I will say it.

My ticket out eventually, but for that moment I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, and I let him take me to my personal hell. Sven bathed, soothed, and even cooed at me a few times. He was like a completely different man. Maybe he knew that I couldn’t take much more mentally. Every time he would drag the cloth over the welts on my back, I cringed as if it were shards of glass. I don’t remember how many times he apologized, but I knew that was the turning point for us.

Sven laid me across the thin, crisp white sheets that reminded me of my grandmother’s spare bedroom. The smell even reminded me, very sanitary and bleached. That feeling and those smells soon were forgotten for a more manly scent of booze, and more muscular frame. He was atop me, and my deer in the headlight look was probably as perplexing to him as it was me. It was Sven, what was I scared about? It wasn’t the first time. And now knowing my fate, it surely wouldn’t be the last time either.

“I am sorry Jason did that to you, Sadiyah.” He whispered across my lips, and I pressed mine into his, and it was magical. Every kiss we shared before was forced, and for the most part unwelcome. That kiss was different, the passion overwhelmed me, and engulfed me so deeply I forgot about my wounds, and I closed the distance between us.

He broke the kiss long enough to request something, “Sadiyah, in the morning we need to talk, but for right now—let’s just pretend it’s just us, and nothing else matters?” Something I wasn’t sure I could do, but what choice did I really have?

He was my only chance.

I nodded my head, and he crushed his lips once more into mine, while his hands tweaked and tugged at my hardening nipples. My fingers scraped and clawed their way down his back, until reaching his ass. His hips pushed down into mine, the head of his cock made that familiar journey to the promise land. My guttural moans muffled by his demanding tongue that had me all aflame. My pussy ached by the time he slammed his cock into me, and my tight walls clamped down around him as if we were made for one another.

“Please don’t hurt me…” I gasped between Sven’s electrified kisses, only to be mewling the next moment, as he answered my request with thrust after thrust of his cock, deeper and further into me.

“You are mine Sadiyah— say it and I will make this all better. Say it!” He growled with that intensity a man gets just about the time he was going to blow his load, except that wasn’t why. It was because he truly had become my savior in that terrible mess of a life we were dumped, and I had someone on my side, finally. I answered at first with a melody of erotic cries and seductive words, and together we made love for hours.

We laid spent in that now, not so sanitary bed, and I whispered, “I’m yours, Sven. I’m yours.” Inching closer to him, and he cradled me into his arms, and once more he soothed and cooed at me just as he had in the bath. Tomorrow he would tell me the truth.