Psst… I’m not a quitter #ASMSG #Poetry #Poem #Moanday


It’s morning and of course I’m thinking of you

I’m always thinking of you

Your wants, your desires fill my bed

Your needs, your worries roll around in my head


I want to take it all away

Tell you it’ll be OK…


But you’ll have none of that


You have been hurt and wronged

For love you have longed


You refuse to be vulnerable again

So you hide away in your den


You have a tongue as sharp as a sword

You use it against others when you’re bored


If I care too much

I’m fucked


So what!


You can’t chase me away

I always find a way


I know you’re trying

But I’m not buying


Psst… I’m not a quitter, thought you should know.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013

Used Goods… #Poetry #DamageGoods


Cracked ego,

Ruined self-esteem,

Damaged heart,

Broken mind,

Hated stomach,

Loathed ass,

I keep thinking it will pass


It won’t.


Used Goods…

Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 6 #ASMSG

  • I took week 4 and 5 off from posting about the challenge because work and life were getting in the way, and every time I had to type I failed… it just made it worse.  It wasn’t that I didn’t exercise  I just didn’t meet my goal.  Psychological mind-fucks are the worst, and when you do it to yourself…UGH. 🙂


  • Here it is week 6 and I’m back.  I had a 6 days run of being down with the flu and bronchitis. 😦  But now I’m back and ready to continue on. 
  • I started feeling better last Tuesday, and worked out the first time on Wednesday since getting sick.  It was hard, but I made it through.
  • I’ve worked out everyday since then, mainly because Max threatened me. No I’m kidding… he did threaten me, but I’m really working out because I want too.  I’m not scared of him, he has to actually make it to my side of the country to follow through with any threats. -giggles-


  • My goals for this week are as follows… 
  1. Run/walk 6 days this next week. 
  2. Ab/butt work daily 20 minutes at night
  3. Add two reps to most machines at the gym
  4. Really buckle down and do this damn thing.
  5. Not mentioning weight…but a year ago February 17th I made a goal… and I am 8lbs now from that goal. WHOO HOO! I’m going to reach this goal by the 17th of this February if it kills me. Heh!!!

Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge Week 3 #ASMSG



  • So Last week’s goals were as follows…
  • 2-3 miles walk/run with a day of uphill, everyday but Monday.
  • Hah, I didn’t take Monday off, but I did take Friday and Saturday off, and then thought I broke my toe on Sunday. It turns out, it was jammed, and it’s been un-jammed. It wasn’t a fun process, and my toe is bruised, but I did workout! Uphill at a slower pace works just as well as running for calorie burning! 😛
  • Nightly routines of ab/butt work 4 nights, but I’m shooting for 5. 🙂
  • Shooting for 5 was a pipe dream, but I did succeed with the 4 night!s Yippy!
  • My work in progress, liking my body… Still working on it. haha
  • I like it more this week than last. It’s progress…and progress is good! 🙂
  • My deficit spanks.  I’m going to find out if I still owe some or not. Yes it’s my goal. He’s super busy, so I’m thankful he took time to help me with these tasks.
  • I ‘m gonna be honest I never did ask, but he told me last night that he forgot to inform me that once I was in the deficit I never really get out, and that my two missed nights this past week were just tacked on.  Hrmph!!! 


  • I used to tell people fat girls only sweat to save their lives and for fucking/playing! Well let me tell you, this former fat girl did it to save my life. My body cried mercy long enough.  I’m using the image above to achieve my goals this week, except I’m a princess and don’t you forget it! 
  1. 2/3 miles uphill until I can run again 5 days… not gonna kill my poor toes. 🙂 
  2. Nightly abs/bum workout.  Let me just say my bum’s coming along quite nicely maybe I’ll like it enough to show you. Clothed of course. Perverts!
  3. Eat regularly. I was doing so well with my six small meals a day, now I’m lucky to get in three small ones. Just too much on my plate during the holiday season.
  4. Investigate further into this deficit spankings. I was so shocked to hear the rule change mid-game, I forgot to ask questions.  I’m over my O-M-G moment, and I’m gonna ask those questions this week.              -laughs-  It’s not really punishment per se anymore… so maybe it was the fact he wanted to spank me again, that I lost my head. LOL
  • P.S.  I’m thinking it’s all those butt lunges I’m doing, makes my ass quite spankable. Just sayin… 


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Get Off Our Lazy Butts Challenge #ASMSG



  • I’ve been exercising for a while, and found that I love it actually. Odd thing to find at my age.  Anywho… I’ve been quite lax over the past few weeks, and just a few days ago reached out for help in the motivation department, because loving exercising wasn’t enough.   Then this challenge came along, and together I think I will be achieving my goals in no time.
  • One HUGE rule… We are NOT allowed to talk about weight loss goals. We can have them, but that isn’t the main focus of this challenge.  The main focus is becoming healthier versions of ourselves. 😀


  • My goals are as follows:
  1. I will walk/run 5 days this week. (2-3 miles each time)
  2. I will eat smaller portions (Because this works for me lol)
  3. I will do 30 minutes 4 nights a week of ab/butt work out ( because those areas need the healthiest results LOL)
  4. I’m going to love me. All of me, even the parts I don’t tend to like. (This will be my hardest goal this week, wish me luck!)
  5. And last, but certainly not least… I’m going to get rid of the deficit spankings I have for my lazy ass two weeks of not working out. I’m at like 50 spankings, and 10 belt lashes I think, UGH! (Punishment’s a huge motivation for me. I hate being punished. I hate feeling like I failed. So… it works. I’m exercising again, aren’t I? heh)


  • P.S. Don’t confuse spanking with Punishment… I love to be spanked daily,  sometimes more than daily…but punishment’s a very different head-space for me as a submissive/slave.


  • Good luck to anyone that decides to join with all of us and take the Get off Our Lazy Butts Challenge. Pop on over to Ana’s page Exercise Challenge! « governingana for official details, and if you’d like to join the emails list for encouragement along the way!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!