The Next Time I Fly… #Poemup #ASMSG


I need to be wrapped in your embrace

I need to hear I love you, just in case


I didn’t think I’d ever be in this situation

The fear has set in with the anticipation


I feel it every time it shakes

My seat creaks as it quakes


I’m writing you this email,

So you know I care

Just in case,

I don’t make it there


I should have woke you,

Before I got in the cab

But you’re cranky in the mornings

Just a dab


Now… I wish I had


Please know that I love you, no matter

I’m sorry my brains a little scattered


I love the way you smile,

when my lips are in full pout

You always encourage me

When I have self-doubt


You’re my everything,

Even if there is no tomorrow

Time’s something we just borrow




The Captain just said. “The turbulence has passed”

So my former “I love you” will not be my last


It appears time’s giving us another glance

I think I’ll give that spanking idea of yours another chance


And you should know

The next time I fly,

I won’t forget to say…