Stop the Judgments #Poetry #ASMSG #Relationships

Judge Me Not Graphic1


Stop the Judgments

by Penelope Jones




A pinch of this, a dash of that, and a smidgen of a pour

That’s what makes up this ole whore.

No there isn’t an exact science of how to be me

I’m not even sure I’ll ever come with a key


I could try to explain to you why I do this or that

Why I wear certain hats

Why I don’t really like cats


But telling you isn’t showing you

And showing you isn’t teaching you

So, here’s a clue…

To know me is to really dig inside,

And to dig inside, you must abide

By a few simple rules…

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t judge me based on a past lover

Don’t judge me based on your mother


And I won’t judge you based on my father

Why bother?

If you already have opinions in place

There’s no need for me to even plead my case

So if you want to know who I am?

Talk to me; stop the judgments, damn! 



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013 

STFU 3% Percent-er! #Poetry #ASMSG


Life’s not always a box of chocolates

It’s not always the party that was promised


To wish it could be something different is just a pipe dream

You have to make it happen


If it’s handed to you on a silver platter,

You’ll never be  grateful,

You won’t cherish the opportunity…


Not like someone who poured



And tears

Into their future


Remember that when judging people from the outside

You don’t know what they’re going through


Where they’ve been,

What it took to get there!


In fact— Shut the Fuck Up and go back to being a 3% percent-er!


Penelope Jones Copyright 2013