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I’m missing someone very much! I lost a dear friend 2 weeks ago this past Saturday, before he passed I’d just decided I was running for WILL (Women’s International Leather Legacy). While it’s a contest, it’s also a historian position which rocks my world! Where we came from directs where we are going and how we succeed, so I’m dedicated to fulfilling the promise I made to Sir Bill Willard. I miss you! 💋


Back Porch Conversations…

by Penelope Jones


While I feel proud of what I’ve done. 

Will it be enough to become… Me?


Are the back porch conversations enough time to relive history?

Or will it remain a mystery?


Can I get the facts in 20-30 minute conversations in less then 72 hours?

Perhaps I have magical powers?


I’ve been having these conversations, for at least 15 years, on a patio, a bench, or a couch.

I met Leather Women and Men filled with clout


All from our secret society 

Of the kinky variety.


None of them knew of me way back when,

But that didn’t matter; they spoke to me like I was akin.


I met Mama Sandy in the smoking section outside

I wear her pin with pride!


I hugged the shit out of J Lube Jack

We joke about when I would let him smack… 

my ass!


My flirting began with Bootpig from afar.

Now, I’d let her keep me in a glass jar…

with air holes, of course!


I hated canes!

Then Boymeat rocked my world, and I’ve never been the same!


Lolita Wolf is the best hand spanking I’ve ever had.

I love those I’ve met; it wasn’t a fad!


I had the privilege of one last back porch conversation with Sir Bill!

And he’s the reason you’ll see me at WILL!


I’m fulfilling a promise I made to that man.

Because of him, I believe I can!



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

  • Copyright 2015

Love vs. Sex! #ASMSG #Polyamory #Lifestyle #relationships

Polyamorous Relationships= Love

Open Relationships= Sex 


Yes I said it, and I mean it!



I am a commitment phobe! That hasn’t changed… however I am still sticking to the standard; I am finding reasons to try rather than ways out of relationships!

YAY me!

Anywho, lately, it has been weighing heavily on my mind this topic.  A Polyamorous relationship vs an Open relationship?  Has Fetlife corrupted these two topics and made them interchangeable?



I’m such a tease…

Head over to Thianna D’s blog and see what I have to say about Poly vs. Open relationships.


P.S. It’s my opinion based on facts of what Polyamory is and , and what an Open Relationship is and is not. So, please, form your own opinions, and feel free to leave me comments below; let me know what you think! 🙂

(In case you missed it up there) Go here! 


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Many hats of Tribal Fire! #ASMSG #BDSM #Swat

Good day my lovelies!


I hope this finds you having a great day!  I know I am super stoked to get out the door and off to our 12th year of Tribal Fire!


In a small leather community such as ours; there are people who like to have fun, those that want to make sure you have the fun, and then there is the Tribal Fire Staff!    It’s been said our hospitality is next to none, and coming to our event is like a “family reunion” of people you’re glad to have in your family. LOL

During the weekend I’ll wear several different hats… 

First and foremost, I’m the Volunteer Coordinator.  My job really doesn’t begin until about 45 days before the event, but once it starts… It’s balls to the walls busy.  I’ve organized volunteers for 7 years now, and at times, as much as I love my Volunteers; it’s like herding cats. 🙂

Also every year, I teach the class… “So this is your first time to Tribal Fire”.  This class was developed about 6 years ago, and gives anyone new an overview of what our event is about, and it gives people a face and a name to come to if they have questions. Newbies always have questions! -giggles-  And anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Helpy McHelperson! (Also another hat I wear during the weekend! lol)

This year I’m also wearing the hat of presenter! My first year of writing is coming closer to my anniversary (May 17th!), and I was asked to present this year at Tribal Fire on Erotica and Publishing!  I’m very sad that Thianna D won’t be along for the ride… “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Erotica and Publishing.


I’m also hoping to wear the hat of Spanked girl!


Ok… enough about what I’m doing this weekend!

What are all of you doing? Are you coming to see me? Do you wish you were? If you want to share your plans for the weekend please comment below!

Love and Licks to everyone!

Bad Penny