P.S. I’m Jill #ASMSG #Poetry


P.S. I’m Jill

by Penelope Jones


I slept last night for the first time in ages
I dreamt of you keeping me locked away in cages


You seemed to be a Jack-of-all trades
And knew just how these things were made


One for when I’ve been a good little girl
You built it to make me feel safe and secure


And one for when I’ve been super naughty
I get the black lock, when I’ve been snotty


The black one makes me so sad
But I know you wouldn’t do it
if I hadn’t been bad.


I have way more fun behind the shiny-silver lock
that means I will get to feel your cock


Inside my mouth or shoved through my slit
I know you’ll use the Hitachi on my clit


When it’s all said and done
You will have cum


And Jill will cum soon after.
P.S. I’m Jill


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013

Make Me Your Wife #OCT #Poetry #ASMSG


I was on my knees just as you deemed My cheek met wood, and your feet did gleam

Over and under my lips did caress
Your toes were my last destination and my tongue had found flesh

Each foot bathed and carefully tended
Hoping you’re no longer deeply offended

My back arched when strong fingers stroked my ass
Knowing I was completely forgiven at last

I heard your voice brush past my ear
Leaving me breathless, but without fear

You told me I was your princess, told me I was your whore
You knew it would touch me down to my slave core

I’d been waiting for you my entire life
Please don’t stop; make me your wife!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!