Knock, knock: it’s just me #Poetry #ASMSG

Knock, Knock; it’s just me

by Penelope Jones



So many of you have no idea who I really am

Many of you may not even give a damn,


But today I’m going to share the real me

Maybe that will show you just who I can be


I struggle daily to be a good person

I meditate so my anger doesn’t worsen


Every time I feel like something’s going right

I begin to have to fight

With all my might…


To stay afloat

No joke


I struggle to feel OK

Day after, day, after day


I refuse to wear a frown

Even when my life feels upside down


I want to let you in

Let you see where I’ve been


How my mom has to always be right

How her and my dad did nothing but fight

I finally am telling them to go fly a kite


I’m tired of being the pack mule

I’m tired of feeling like the fool


I love my family I do

But I’ve finally got the clue


I teach people how to treat me

That was the biggest key


No longer am I going to lie down and take it

I’m going to make it


You can sit and watch me become a success

Or you can help me clean up this mess


I know I’ve done this to myself

And I’m sick of sitting pretty on a shelf


So, I’ve made a plan

And I’ll be damned

If it isn’t working


You should try it too

Maybe it’ll work for you!



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996! 

Copyright 2013-2014

Free to a good home #poetry from Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath #Poetrywednesday

regret it


I remember the times we used to share

You used to care

You used to dare


…to love me


Loved you thru thick and thin

Catered to your Sin

Now there’s no mend


I needed you more and more

You created me, your whore

Then you showed me the door


There was no conversation

No alleviation

Of the situation


No goodbye, no reason

I guess it was the Season


One broken heart for sale

No, it can’t be sent by email


Slightly used

Definitely abused


Damaged goods called for the price to be slashed

It’s only slightly mashed


Oh hell—


Free to a good home


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