Don’t Pollute My Life #Oct #Poetry #ASMSG #Relationships


What a tangled web we weave

When we practice to deceive…


Words to live by buddy

I found her panties in the study


What an idiot you are

I also found her lipstick in my car


What you failed to realize

It all could have been a prize


If only you had talked to me

Maybe we could still be


Opting to lie when the truth’s always better

Gets you a really lovely fuck-off letter


One that said…


How much you suck

How I don’t wish you luck

How I hope you get fucked…


Up the ass…you deserve it!


That’s really not true

If you only knew


The lies are what sealed your fate

We all three could have went on a date


But no, you had to think with your little head

That’s why our relationship’s dead


It’s why my heart aches,

Why my body shakes,

And my smiles fake


Lies for me are the bitter end

So before you hit send…


Give a Hoot!

Don’t Pollute…


My life


Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

Love vs. Sex! #ASMSG #Polyamory #Lifestyle #relationships

Polyamorous Relationships= Love

Open Relationships= Sex 


Yes I said it, and I mean it!



I am a commitment phobe! That hasn’t changed… however I am still sticking to the standard; I am finding reasons to try rather than ways out of relationships!

YAY me!

Anywho, lately, it has been weighing heavily on my mind this topic.  A Polyamorous relationship vs an Open relationship?  Has Fetlife corrupted these two topics and made them interchangeable?



I’m such a tease…

Head over to Thianna D’s blog and see what I have to say about Poly vs. Open relationships.


P.S. It’s my opinion based on facts of what Polyamory is and , and what an Open Relationship is and is not. So, please, form your own opinions, and feel free to leave me comments below; let me know what you think! 🙂

(In case you missed it up there) Go here! 


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Come make sparks w/ me! #ASMSG #Spank #Menage #Erotica

Sparks are flying my lovelies… 

The Babysitter Extraordinaire volume 2 is just fractions from being finished for next week’s 4th of July release.  I’m so excited; I didn’t want you to forget, so here’s a reminder… 

BSE Graphic Vol 2-1

I’m hoping you’ll remember now. *winks*  The Babysitter Extraordinaire volume 1 is on Amazon now, and soon volume 2 will be joining her for only .99cents!

I hope you have wild weekend plans! Drop me a note below and share your dirty secrets; if you dare! 🙂

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Misconceptions of Dating Polyamorous Women

I could not have stated this better myself, there for why even try? Mina has shared with us an amazing post about how to treat a Polyamorous woman while dating them, and I hope you read it. It’s very well written, and spot on!

Misconceptions of Dating Polyamorous Women.