Christmas Eve Special Edition of Little Miss Notoriety’s Advice Column #ASMSG #Holidays #Advice #Christmas

  • Happy Holidays you lovely creatures. I hope you’re having a most scrumptious Christmas Eve. Thank you for joining me for this special edition of my advice column.  Tonight is all about how to survive your family during the Holiday Season… Ready? Get set? Go…

advice fail-owned-evacuation-fail

  • This advice can be used for so many thing during the holiday season… Let’s start with- if your mother asks you to look at the corn on her little toe. Run… fast and hard.  When your mother’s brother’s uncle tries to pry into your love life, because he’s a miserable drunk that can’t get laid. Run… and HIDE. He knows where you live.  When the 2 almost 3-year-old has pooped in his pants, because his parents won’t potty train him, but they didn’t want to hear the lecture of  “why is your kid still in diapers?” Run… before they ask you to help!  And last but certainly not least… When your lovely grandfather pulls out his false teeth and says. “Oh hunny bring me that glass.” Pretend you didn’t hear, and RUN!   I wish I had been given this advice.

Advice Insane

  • First you have twitter and in 140 characters or less you can have a rant over why you hate your family.  Then you have blogs like this, where you can express all that hatred through poetry, prose, or photos.  And last but not least… you got PORN! The internet is for Porn… The Internet is for Porn – Sesame Street Style! – YouTube

Advice Funny-Christmas-Someecards-2012

  • Right… well I’m not posting what I got myself, but I did purchase myself some fabulously naughty gifts and so did Joseph. I can’t wait to get back home to that pole!
  • So… that statement is true for giving as well as getting. Take my advice- Don’t be a spoiled rotten brat. If your 80-year-old granny gives you a pair of socks with cats on them, you put them bitches on and wear them like they are stylish! Don’t you hurt that woman’s feelings, or I will come and snatch you up and beat the tar out of you. And not in a fun spanky kinda way. Ask Bruce the Butcher what happens when you cross Little Miss Notoriety!
  • Mingle with your co-workers, it’s the only way to find out the dirt.  That is, if you’d like your pick of whom to fuck in town like me.
  • You get nothing, when you ask for nothing.  Remember this for future reference.  Nothing is just going to be handed over… Well unless you’re me, and then life just seems to keep overflowing with loveliness. Fuckdoll by day, and Dominatrix by night, I have the perfect life.

Advice Funny-Holiday-Cards

  • I  disagree.  Mistletoe should be hung with care, no matter where. Hah, I rhymed, Penny would be so proud.  And believe me… Mistletoe hung there, gets the best kisses ever! 

Advice 8148724042_bc11eb6c05_n

  • And last but certainly not least… This is true for Santa, but certainly do not ask Mrs. Claus this question! She’s a prude and is liable to deny you presents for life. She has Santa by a ball, and I heard Bad Penny has the other one.  
  • In conclusion… Exercise a month prior to the holidays, and you should buy new running shoes.  When all else fails, the Internet is for Porn! Don’t be an ungrateful bitch/bastard, and have kinky office sex.  Christmas is your traditions and yours to make it what you want. Don’t let someone tell you where to hang your Mistletoe!

It’s Here! The Billionaire that____? Book Cover Reveal! @avioletend #ASMSG


I have a very special treat for you my lovelies. I teased you with it last night, but today I plan to please you with all the tantalizing details to lure you into this delicious 5 part series: The Billionaire that — Mrs. A Violet End the Author of the Grimm and Dirty Fairy Tales presents the Diary of a Fuckdoll 1-5!

So… sit back relax on the #Naughtycouch, and let’s go for a ride on the kinky side.

And away we go… The Billionaire That — Diary of a Fuckdoll 1-3


Picture it… A stunning beauty walks down the aisle of your next flight. First-class is her style, but her budget’s more eco-class.  She’s the stewardess you dream will serve you a drink, and Billionaire Pharmaceutical Tycoon, Tristan Vargas, must have her, and the more she said no… the more he needed her.  He will own her. Tristan is one of the most deliciously dominant men I’ve had the pleasure of reading about in recent months. I read a lot, and everybody knows, I’m Bad Penny! It’s pretty hard to make me feel like it’s something I just can’t put down… but Mrs. A. Violet End has done it. The Billionaire that Boned Me, Owned Me, and Stoned Me caused me to need a little extra time with the Hitachi!

Several times in fact.  🙂

But she didn’t stop there…The Billionaire that Phoned Me


No, the woman went on to write part 4 of The Diary of a Fuckdoll Series, The Billionaire that Phoned Me. Which of course I had to get right away, and I couldn’t wait to get it open, but I also had to re-read 1-3 because it would be a sin not to read from beginning to end, making sure to catch-all the extra details she throws in tying this piece or that of the story. Mrs. End is an amazing story-teller, and just keeps making you want more and more. I’ve become so greedy with her writing I think I have half her books or more, but she’s still right behind Max in numbers in my kindle!

Right… sorry got distracted with how wonderful she is… the book! In part 4 of The Diary of a Fuck Doll, Lisa’s sure she needs to end her relationship with Tristan. It’s toxic for them both, right? She returns home to find strength to send him out of her life for good.  What she didn’t know was that he would end up saving her from the roughest and raunchiest gangbang she’s ever had the disturbing pleasure of taking part in. Her Savior? Lisa likes it rough, and Tristan doesn’t mind giving it to her in some of the kinkiest, dirtiest ways I can think of… MEOW!!!

And now for the reason we are all here… Bad Penny presents: Hot off the presses…

The Billionaire that ___ 

Being the #fangirl I am… I begged to help with her book release. And I got a sneak peek at the ideas behind the stories. And I’m just telling you… You have no idea what’s cumming your way!

-fans self-

Ok… Let’s talk about what’s in store for us in this edition of The Dairy of a Fuckdoll Part 5.  It promises to deliver more kinky sex and depraved acts as Tristan continues his pursuit of ownership of Lisa.  Waking from a coma, Lisa is at first unable to remember–legitimately, this time–how she got into this mess. Tristan is up to his old tricks, and when Lisa over hears him getting a blowjob from a flight attendant on their way to Dubai, she decides to go off her meds to see what exactly will happen.

What comes next is a life-changing experience she’ll never forget, pitting her against the man whose throbbing hot cock she adores, but whose dominance she loves to hate.  Who will prevail?  Discover how the wealthy men of the world bond over blondes and sex alongside Lisa in this leg of her journey: THE BILLIONAIRE WHO CLONED ME: Diary of a Fuckdoll part 5.


Here’s the buy link:  The Diary of a Fuckdoll 5 Series: The Billionaire that Cloned Me by author A. Violet End!

You can find Mrs. A. Violet End at the following social media outlets:

Twitter: @avioletend

Facebook: A. Violet End 

Tumblr: Grimm and Dirty Fairy Tales 


Amazon: A. Violet End

Smashwords: A. Violet End

Little Miss Notoriety’s on Santa’s Naughty List #ASMSG


(Make Sure to check out Daily Peril for more info on the art, used from Tumblr, above)

Mr. Switzer has Belle strung up a pole right now, please forgive her. She will be here tomorrow at 8:30pmCST for a Christmas Eve Story time with Miss Notoriety.  You won’t wanna miss this naughty Christmas special.  See you then!

Licks and Kisses,

Bad Penny

Lick.Suck.Blow Little Miss Notoriety #Poemup

Lick. Suck. Blow

His name’s Joe

My funds have depleted so low

And he has mad dough

You perverts…

Lick envelopes to mail for him

Suck the carpets with a vacuum

Blow the leaves off the walk-way

Lick. Suck. Blow

No, I’m not a ho

I’m his secretary though

But later…

I’ll lick him clean, suck him dry, and blow his mind.

I’m that kinda girl…Lick, suck, blow.


I’m little Miss Notoriety

Tune in Sunday’s at 8:30pmCST

Also, tune in today (Oct. 28, 2012) at 1:30pmCST to find out just who Miss Belle Notoriety is, and every Sunday at 8:30pmCST for an episode of Little Miss Notoriety.

P.S. Every third Sunday of the month Miss Notoriety will be an advice column!

So, please email her at with your questions.

Can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s make Sunday the naughtiest day of the week!

Positively Sinful. See you then.

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Ch.6 The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me #ASMSG

Diary of a Broken Me

Pictures, Skype, and Christmas Hype!



Dearest love of my life,


I’ve missed you so much this week. I know it’s busy for you during the holiday season at the toy store. I love that you own a toy store Sir. It’s like your Santa Claus everyday, and I wanna be on the naughty list, Sir. I’m kidding. I’m really glad you trusted me, it’s a side of you we can share, now. The first six months have been rough. I can’t lie about that, and you probably are nodding you’re head as you read this, in agreement.

I was so broken when we met, that we spent more time trying to fix me than any relationship should. Thank you for that…again. I know I keep saying that, Sir, but it’s true. I’m so grateful to have met you, to have you and Cynthia in my life. But not just that Sir, I’m healing, one day I’ll no longer be a broken me, and that’s because you’ve taught me that love can be real, and I’m worth being loved unconditionally.

You took the fucked up me and loved me like I couldn’t have dreamed. And Cynthia has done the same, Sir. Yes, I was leery at first, but I think we all were. It wasn’t like she expected to add another woman to your lives, nor I, Sir. It sort of took us all by surprise, and you know it caused a huge rift with us for week or so. I felt betrayed, and quite left out of the loop.

She knew everything about me, and I knew next to nothing about her. Cynthia knew about my past relationships, our relationship, and my favorite foods. I knew she was the mother of your children, Sir. Not quite fair, but we’ve hashed this out already, Sir. Let me get back to why I’m writing tonight.

Christmas is just weeks away, and although it’s your busy time of year, you’ve invited me to come and spend it with you, and into the New Year. I tell you I nearly peed myself when you told me, Sir.


Ha.Ha.. But in the best-est way possible, Sir. I’m coming to stay three glorious weeks with you. I will be under your authority, in person. I can hardly believe it’s real, Sir. I never thought this day would come, and I’m fairly certain you’d agree. I need to add, I’m excited to see what Cynthia has planned for me, Sir. I know it shocked you as much as me, when she explained in great detail what she wanted to do with me. How much she wanted to feel my tongue on her clit. I nearly fell out of my computer chair.

Wait…you know this, it was during our last Skype conversation. Our preferred chat box these days, aside from this journal. I’ve thought about how she’ll taste, and how her body will sing under my tongue, Sir. I bet you just popped a boner, and I can’t stop laughing. Maybe I am trying to get on Santa’s naughty list.

Tell Mrs. Claus I’m ready to be punished, please Sir?!

All kidding aside, this time next week, I’ll be on a plane crossing the pond to see you. This time next week, I’ll be breathing the same damp air as you, Sir. This time next week, I will be in your arms, and under your thumb, and I can’t flipping wait.

You’ve forbidden me to hide secret messages within this journal for the next seven days, Sir.

Soooooo, I’ve decided that my next journal post will be after our first meeting. That keeps me out of trouble, and hopefully not you in suspense, dearest love of my life. I’m joking, I’ve really tried to curb the hidden messages, and have opened up telling you about my past, and it also allowed you to understand me better, and why I’m such a fucked up, broken me. I’m on the mend, but still sorta broken.

I promise to explain more about the broken me, after our meeting. I love you Sir. Please kiss Cynthia for me, and tell her the same.


P.S. I’ve emailed you some pictures, Sir. The panties and stockings you sent me for my birthday. I hope you like them. I’m wearing those peep-toed pink heels you love. Hah.

Your adoring slave girl