See the potential? #Poemup #ASMSG



We never seemed to have enough time

It was always rush, rush, rushed

And in the process…

my feelings get crush, crush, crushed


It’s never intentional

I know that for a fact

but then your bags were packed


You were leaving again

and you continued to grin


Like you were happy to go…


Leaving me behind

Work had you on the

grind, grind, grind


Really I don’t mind,

but I need you to be kind


I know that’s outside your comfort zone

but so was my giving into you

and wearing the color blue


Please get a clue!


Stop pushing me down

every time I break down a wall

I’ll catch you if you fall


I’m an asset to you, Sir


I’m not your average girl

I’m an uncultured pearl


Please call me “mine

for you…

I shine, shine, shined


See the potential?