A Little Time Under Our Tree #Poetry #Love #Death #ForeverLove

I’m sitting under our favorite tree

I wondering if you’re thinking of me


I’ve thought about nothing else since you went away

You plague my life day after, day after day.


I think about how you used to hold my hand

And how you always thought my jokes were so grand


I think about the time we went to Paris

We had a great trip, despite your brother Harris


I remember the way you looked after a long, hard day

You knew I’d always be there to assure you, it’s okay


I thought you’d always be here too

Your being gone leaves me without a clue


I sometimes smell a faint memory of your scent

I know it’s not possible, but I hope it’s you leaving me a hint


I thought it would get easier as time passed by

I miss coming home to you saying hi


It hasn’t gotten less painful as I watch the world keep turning

And I keep laying awake yearning


Burning for you to return to me as if it weren’t true

Waking each morning not exactly sure what to do


What’s the next step in my life

I don’t think I could be someone else’s wife


I’m in love with you more today than ever before

I hate that tragedy has closed our door


You were the light of my dead-end alley

Now I live in the deepest, darkest valley


I’m so angry that you thought it was OK to die

You said you’d take care of me forever, you lied


I don’t think anyone really knows how much I hurt

My heart feels like it’s been drug through the dirt


It’s only been a few months, maybe I just need more time

What I really need is for everyone to stop telling me “it’ll be fine”


It won’t, I miss you so much I can’t breathe

Every night I wonder how could you leave


I mourn the loss of you, my one true love

That now looks down upon me from above


I’m going to move on, I promise you that

And no I’m not going to start collecting cats


I won’t become one of those old ladies

I rather spend the next 100 years in Hades


I say all these things but the future’s unsure

Because my heart ache’s for you, and there’s no cure


I think coming to visit our tree has helped

Rehashing the pains that life has dealt


I’m going to continue to love you forever

But as you know I am too clever


To waste away until I’m an old crone

Destined to spend my life alone


No…you know I sparkle too much to settle

Even though my throat is still encased in your metal


Your collar you put there to show that I’m yours

Each time I remember that night, my heart soars


Maybe one day I’ll be able to move on

Maybe one day I’ll be able to admit that your gone


Until then, I’ll continue to visit our tree

And wonder if you’re thinking of me


Moment of Silence for the Devastation in Moore, Ok #ASMSG

Morning my lovelies…


I’m taking the next few days off from blogging to give a moment of silence to the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma. The storm was headed just due north of where I live and the tornado lifted just in time. I was one of the lucky ones, but so many were not.

The devastation is widespread, and they’re saying this possible is the worst tornado ever, anywhere. The totals are not set in stone, but the last number the news shared was 24 confirmed dead, 9 were children.

It’s a very sad day across America for the devastation here in Oklahoma, but we are the saddest of all. Please remember all those affected and effected by this travesty.

No matter what your belief systems are; please keep Oklahoman’s in your thoughts and prayers.

Hug the ones you love, tell them you love them… you never know when it will be the last time!





Love and licks to you,

Bad Penny… Human Penny!

#SixSentences Sunday- Catastrophe and the C word!

My work in progress: The Beautiful Catastrophe… The six sentences come from chapter 25, and the C word  is Cancer and Catastrophe has it.  Feisty Cat wants answers! 

Dr. Wilkerson just said it was likely I would lose the majority, if not all of my hair once the chemo-treatments were underway. I was back to being numb, and not knowing how to feel…how to react. I felt like I should be doing something besides just sitting there and listening to him talk about my life…MY LIFE! My C word!

“Am I dying? You have skirted that question since day one of me meeting you, and I have to know what you really think,” I paused and then said, “what…you know you want to know as bad as I do.” I finally said to the gawking Mr. E, and Dr. Wilkerson just shook his head with a knowing smile my way.


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