Ch. 7 The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me #ASMSG

 Diary of a Broken Me

I’m Breathing Your Air, Sir.

To whom it may concern,

It’s 4:15am and I just crawled into my bed. Which is exactly how you described it. You and Cynthia sleep in the king sized bed, and I have a special bed at the foot, just my size, and perfect for a princess. I’m too excited to sleep. I’m breathing your air, I’m sharing your space, and I’m watching you breathe.

I’m dead tired though, if that makes any sense.

The 16 hour flight here was something to write home about, but instead I’ll write you. You love my jokes, admit it, Sir? I’m so thankful you told me to take medicine for my tummy before I got on the plane, and continue taking it as prescribed. Three people got sick, and I can’t tell you how blessed I feel they were nowhere near me.

I arrived forty-five minutes late, but you were there waiting on me. You looked just like on Skype, only better. I know people thought what the hell’s this broad doing when I fell to my knees at your feet in the middle of the airport. You told me to go with my gut reaction, Sir. And you didn’t seem too upset with the display, in fact I believe you said it humbled you just a little to know I had that much devotion to you.

I love you, Sir. For the first time in so very, very long I feel whole, I feel complete. I feel a hole has been filled up inside of me that was void of life for so long. You two fill my life fully, and I am devoted to you both for as long as you will have me. No, that wasn’t a declaration of I’m not returning home, even though you did bring it up at dinner. I can’t make that step yet, Sir. I hope you understand.

You are the bestest (yes, bestest!) Christmas present a princess could ever ask for, Sir. However here are lots of boxes under your tree with my name. I don’t have lots of boxes for you or Cynthia, I have a few things, but I couldn’t travel with them all. I do hope one of you will take me shopping? I’ll feel horrible, if I don’t get a few more things. I’m not trying to compete, I can’t. You make the big bucks, Daddy, but I want to at least get you THE present, both of you for that matter. I’ve no idea what to get the children either. I’m sure Cynthia and I can hash that out.

I love her hair by the way Sir. I know it’s odd to tell you this here, but she has the most gorgeous copper penny color. And it’s super silky, and feels like the softest cotton running through my fingers. And we’re similar in skin coloring, she’s a purist of white shade, and turns a delicious shade of pink, just like me.

I watched tonight, opting not to participate, but to help entertain, and masturbate for you both, while you played and fucked. My pale blue eyes never left the lusty scene you two provided, my fingers slipped through my slipper slit over and over, and plunged deep into the walls of my sex as you fucked Cynthia senseless.

It was one of the most beautiful acts of love I’d ever witness, and we all came in unison. You pulled me in closer, so we could all collapse into a pile of sweaty bodies. I never felt more loved than I did at that moment, Sir. Odd to feel that way, knowing I wasn’t the center of your world. You know what it is, being the center isn’t needed, but being in your life is more than necessary. I’m grateful for the glimpses and pieces you’re willing to share with me.

I’m going to try to sleep now, we have a few busy days before Christmas.


The girl who sorta wishes she’d been fucked also ( lol )