To whom it may concern: #ASMSG #Poetry

To whom it may concern;

There were so many things I tried to say

You distract me, made me laugh,

and I forgot, it’s not OK

OK? Yeah right…

I was a toy for you to tease and torment

dangling by your strings, my body limp

Each time you spoke, I was conditioned to dance

my phone chimed, and my heart leapt with a prance

Why do I care so fucking much?

You don’t deserve such

I’m living in a state of an altered paradox

The only thing keeping me grounded…

My stripey knee-socks

I have no idea what you wanted from me

I wanted to ask, but would you see?

See that I needed to know…

Not knowing was driving me mad

Was that your plan?

Were you glad?

Have I been had?

Was this all a little rouse?

I was destined to lose?

Was it rigged from the start?

To trample my heart?

Brilliant idea, fucktard


Yours never again

Tip of the day … If you dig a hole deep enough, eventually you will fall in.  Dumbass, stop digging while you still can. :)


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996! 

I’m a Keeper! #Poetry #Naughty #ASMSG


My lips want to tell you a story…
Oh, morning glory!

They whisper sweet nothings across your head…
I push you down on the bed!

They slither past the most sensitive part…
My tongue presses down; this is just the start.

Down they slide…
My tongue did glide

Until my lips went around the bend…
Your head is my throat’s best friend!

Kissing, licking, and then sucking…
All leads to my lips trucking

Up and down your shaft
I can tell you’re going daft!

Faster and faster my story begins to build…
Soon my lips will make you yield!

Pounding into the back of my throat…
I gag and that was all she wrote.

I guzzle to quench a thirst I’ve never felt before…
You whisper, “There’s more…”

Your words made my lips go wild…
You have me beguiled!

My lips told you a story no words could express…
And, I love cleaning the mess!

I’m a keeper!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copy 2014

That “I love you” business was a very big deal! #Relationships #Poetry

I was never supposed to see him again,
But then

I did
And, I wigged…Out
No doubt

When he showed up out of nowhere.
He reminded me I care…

I never was supposed to love him for a third time
But then my heart betrayed me and turned on a dime

And, really let’s face it, I never really stopped loving him
Even when tears filled my eyes to the brim

Even when he picked her over me, twice
It wasn’t very nice

Yet, he admitted his faults and his transgressions from before
He said I meant more…

More than what?
The cut

He slashed thru my heart?
He confessed his part

In breaking me
He finally was able to see

He always loved me for my passionate soul
He needed me to fill the hole…

In his life
He wanted to make me his wife!

I was scared…
Were we supposed to be paired?

Was this time for real?
It was a big deal.

That “I love you” business was a very big deal!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014


I Can Beg…??? #Poetry #ASMSG #Slave #Relationships


You said, “Stop being so insecure.”
I know it’s just a lure.
Not pure

Or is it?

You have no idea the thoughts that enter my mind.
How life turns on a dime.
The higher I climb.
It’s sublime.

Best slave ever?
How about never.
Pull the lever
Sever….the ties that bind me.

I Dare You!

Please, take control…
I’ll sell you my soul

For just a taste of who you are
We don’t have to go far,
Please don’t mar ….
My heart.

I need reassurance like I need air,
And I know it’s not fair.

You deserve better that a fucked up mess
But, I must confess…

I’m truly a slave thru and thru
Who longs to serve you.

I can beg…???

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!
Copyright 2014

Stop the Judgments #Poetry #ASMSG #Relationships

Judge Me Not Graphic1


Stop the Judgments

by Penelope Jones




A pinch of this, a dash of that, and a smidgen of a pour

That’s what makes up this ole whore.

No there isn’t an exact science of how to be me

I’m not even sure I’ll ever come with a key


I could try to explain to you why I do this or that

Why I wear certain hats

Why I don’t really like cats


But telling you isn’t showing you

And showing you isn’t teaching you

So, here’s a clue…

To know me is to really dig inside,

And to dig inside, you must abide

By a few simple rules…

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t judge me based on a past lover

Don’t judge me based on your mother


And I won’t judge you based on my father

Why bother?

If you already have opinions in place

There’s no need for me to even plead my case

So if you want to know who I am?

Talk to me; stop the judgments, damn! 



Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2013