I Didn’t Believe in True Love #Poetry #Love #Relationships


I didn’t believe in true love
I couldn’t believe only you could fit me like a glove.

I’m really not one to judge
I don’t hold a grudge
And even though my mascara you did smudge…

My heart still chooses to thunder out of my chest from your touch
My soul thirsts for your knowledge so much
My mind swirls with thoughts of you, and such.

I loved you from the first dance
You had me at the first glance

Our souls had been waiting to meet one another.
Oh, brother… The sparks did fly!
Oh my!

I trust you to teach me how to be yours
And I’ll show you how loving each other can open up doors.

I didn’t believe in true love before;
But now I know… I was created to be your whore,
And so much more.

Let’s take a walk… #Poetry #Thoughts #life #love


Let’s take a walk through a day in the life of my mind…
Please be kind.

The numbers never stop
Am I speeding?
I just passed a cop.

How much time do I have before lunch?
Can I get all the packets in a straight bunch?

Is her hair color too bright?
Do I let my boyfriend be right?
Because I hate to fight!

Oh no! Here come the stairs….
I count them in pairs.

Some nights, I never leave my writing cave.
Odd numbers are my fav.

So many hats transform who I am
But please, don’t call me ma’am.

Is the trash taken out?
My mind fills with doubt!

But, then he calls,
And makes up for it all.

By the time I’m ready for bed
I can barely lift my head.

Yet, my mind seems to never sleep.
It’s always taking the next leap…
With or without me.

I’m playing catch up more often than not.
To settle my mind, I’ve thought of smoking pot,
But I’m afraid I’ll get caught.

I’m way too pretty for jail.
Plus, I’d never hear the end of it
After he paid my bail.

Yep…my mind can think of fifty subjects at one time
Did you know I love lime?

Are you tired? Imagine doing this everyday.
But you know what sucks?
The pay.

Penelope Jones

Copyright 2014

Because, baby, you’re the man! #Poetry #Love #GrowingOld


I picture us when we’re old and grey
Watching the grandkids play.

I think of you explaining how you succeeded through hard work
And, how leaving a legacy for them was our perk.

I dream of our passionate debates…
The ones you hate.
Well my love, it’s too late
Because we’re each other’s fate.

I’d tell the kids about how our paths were meant to cross,
About how I let you be the boss!

I see it because it’s real
I dream of it because it’s how I feel.

I love you more and more on a daily bases
I can’t wait to pick out vacation places.

You make me want to be a better person.
You have the calm I need when things begin to worsen.

And, I love when you spank my behind.
It truly does give me peace of mind.

My point is this,
So you get the gist…

I don’t love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.

Growing old together is the plan…
Because, baby, you’re the man!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!
Copyright 2014

Destiny, I Create You. #Poetry #LifeLessons #Positivity

I believe in destiny.
It’s why I’ve invested in me.

But can you predict negativity into your life?
Can you create strife?

But don’t you want more?

You can, also, speak about positive thoughts
Become a walking book I once bought…
Create Your Own Destiny.

Maybe I should have read it?
Forget it!

Life’s the best teacher of this I’m sure
Come closer, let me tell you a story of pure… Gold.

Tell people about your greatest dream…
Have orgasms which make you both scream!

Say I love you and mean it;
Because someone just might believe it!

Life’s about leaving a legacy,
So let me see…

Be a better you every chance you can!
Pamper your man!

Expect nothing in return,
But give so others may learn…

Please, don’t forget the passion.

Appreciate the moments which take your breathe away,
And the small things will make you realize why you stay.

Create the life you want!
Be honest, up front, and perhaps blunt.

I create the positivity by whom I allow in my bubble.
And, if you get into my heart that goes double.

Finally, I’ve gotten the clue;
Destiny, I create you!

Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014


My Heart and Soul belong to You. #Poetry #Relationships #TrueLove #Love

I wake up thinking about you

I go to bed thinking about you

I pee and I think about you,

and even when I pooh… I’m still thinking about you.


Can you say you consume my days

I willing to bend to your ways.


Life is what we decide

Through troubles we’ll glide.


My heart and my soul belong to you, my love

I know you were sent from above.


Even when things aren’t aligned,

I still won’t mind.


Why you ask?

Because we have the kind of love that will last

Look at our past…

And tell me, what do you see?


Forgiveness wrapped in love,

Fitting us like a glove.


You didn’t re-enter my life to break my heart

We both have to do our part…

Here’s to a new start!


Let’s do it right this time, OK?


Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

Copyright 2014!