Love Day Sucks #Poetry #ASMSG #Valentine

I woke up thinking it would be OK

then I realized just what everyone had to say


Happy Love Day…


Each time that word fell across my ears

Therapy bills piled up for years


I love you meant hitting your kids and wife

I love you meant giving up your life


I love you meant you weren’t good enough

I love you meant life was tough


I love you meant screwing someone else

I love you meant dealing with what was dealt


I love you meant not really caring

not really daring

to— love



My words might as well have been dead

When I said,

I love you …


It meant— I love you


It meant you were enough

I meant together we would be tough


It meant making love all night long

It meant “they were playing our song”


It meant I cared

It meant I dared


It meant my heart would be broken

It meant I would just be a token


to be given away

just like any other day,

and no I’m not OK.


Love Day sucks …



Penelope Jones copyright 2013 

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21 responses to “Love Day Sucks #Poetry #ASMSG #Valentine

  1. There are some of us who “Love” you this day Penelope, Love your words, Love your books, Love your Blog, Love your banter on Twitter, and Love the “Soul” that comes through to us in all you are…. So feel good and know that at least some of “us” do care my dear…… (You’re a wonderful example to us) –Joseph

  2. Oh Sweet Penny! My heart aches for you. The poem was so raw. I wish I could give you a super big hug to thank you for all the wonderful things you do. You let us in and share so many wonderful things with us. Your writing be it sad or saucy is inspiring. Joeseph said it best- I feel very fortunate to know you and am lucky because of it. I love your words & spirit.

    • I’m a better person for having met you missy! You’ve proven to be a huge help, support, and wonderful friend!
      -cyber snugs-

      Thank you for all the times you stop and think of me, please know I’m likely doing the same.


  3. One of the more genuine ‘dont like Valentine’s Day’ posts I’ve seen. Just because some assholes use the word ‘love’ when they don’t really mean it, doesn’t mean it has no meaning. Here’s to a better day!

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