And Together … #Poetry #Relationships #ASMSG


I’m a planner

I use my manners


I wear my southern-girl bannerproudly

I’m an organizer

a prioritize-r

a synchronize-r of my crazy life


Good luck

Day sucks

My life’s amok


Let’s fuck!


Don’t you see

Life can be

An adventure with me


Tight wire

I’m on fire

I’m a crier

Take me higher


Life’s a mess

I must confess

It’s the stress

…please caress


We can’t put life on hold

Let’s dare to be bold

breaking the mold


That society created

It’s now alleviated

No longer infiltrated … into our lives


The time has arrived

no more demise

let’s arise


and claim our prize


We can

You be the man

I’ll help you plan


And together … We’ll conquer the world.

Penelope Jones copyright 2013

21 responses to “And Together … #Poetry #Relationships #ASMSG

  1. I think you pretty much conquered the whole world and the universe with that one! Funny additions of the r letter at the start, plus naughty and loving the rhyming of the words themselves – poetry in motion and getting jiggy with it too – nice, very nice!

  2. Your poem is breathtaking. Your words highlight your strengths & weaknesess which you own so completely. They make you the beautiful talented person you are flawed yet perfect. Through your thoughts & pain that flow so humbly it speaks to so many people who need to hear the things you write. You are a voice to so many who can not put so eloquently into words what they are feeling. There is magic in the way you spin your prose.

  3. so wicked love!! so good! grazie for sharing! wishing u so many licks and spanks…and very best in all things! also sending huge hug…just because! I think u might just conquer the world darling girl!! much love always, Bxxx

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